Paola Harris Interviews Sixto Paz Wells

Skype interview by Paola Harris of Sixto Paz Wells. With special thanks to Giorgio Picenza (Peru).

P: Can you tell Sixto? He can hear me, but I’m going to write an article for X-Times in Italy. I write for that magazine, it’s a beautiful magazine, comes out every month. And this interview will go in the magazine in March 2014.

S: In the United States?

P: No. It’s a regular magazine on the news stands.

S: It’s a paper?

P: It’s a paper called “Ex Times.”

S: In Italy?

P: In Italy, Rome. My office is in Rome

S: Okay.

P: So I write for them in Italy and I do stories because in the United States it is crazy. Oh, I see you!! Okay. The United States is very closed and it would be useless for me to try to do too much here. Do you want to translate for him?

S: Why is it closed?

P: There is a concerted effort…to lead the UFO field in the abduction phenomenon. The little gray alien is the only image people ever see…and the amount of ignorance is incredible because they do not read. But the problem is that most of the conferences are commercial efforts…and where my own colleagues do not cooperate…and they have no idea what I have. I have been working for 30 years, starting with Dr. J. Allen Hynek. So people do not care about other people’s research and Latin American is very important because I think that the extraterrestrials have chosen that country for the openheartedness of the people and the intelligence of the people. But my colleagues know nothing about Latin America…they just know the abduction phenomenon and all of the people being taken, and the irony is that I was very close friends with Dr. John Mack who came to see me in Italy when I lived there…and he told me that the abduction phenomenon had finished in 1994…that most of those being had gone home. The Zeta Reticuli, the people that were doing the DNA testing…and that who he was getting as patients were people that were being directly downloaded and it was while they were awake that they were getting these downloads. I don’t know what the translation for “download” is…But while they were awake…so John Mack, for me, was the most important hypnotherapist. He was a psychiatrist, and he was telling the truth. So it means that a lot of the people today in 2013 are making up the story. I am spending my time right now, Sixto, working on the 1950s and 1960s, to bring back the messages of the early contacts which were human-type people. So that’s okay, because you are even today, and people do not know that. How do you tell people that believe that all aliens are little gray beings that there are human-type aliens also? Monsignor Gucci, who is my good friend, said, “God created our brothers and sisters.” He did not mean little gray aliens. People like us…but it does not sell on a commercial basis. Do you understand this?

S: Yes, of course. Yes.

P: So we’re going to change the paradigm. I will ask you a few questions and I will put your interview out in the public and then maybe do something in America. I don’t know what I can do in America. I don’t know. Okay? I just don’t. So we are talking now in the 1970s and I know the beginning of your story, but I need to know if you were alone or with other people when you had your contact.   Oh, okay.

S: The main thing is that it was a group experience, part of a group experience. Not just Sixto Paz’s experience, but collective, with people. The contactees were my mother, my sister, and me.

Although I did receive the first psychopathic message, my mother and my sister both also received the same message in Italy. But we didn’t believe that it was real. We thought it was our imagination.

P:  I heard him say “automatic writing.” So did he start doing automatic writing?

S: Automatic writing is a form of instrumental therapy. He received a message and had the compulsion of writing it down….he was completely conscious. He was never in a state of …this is not like a state of trance.We had been practicing meditation up to that point…but my father was a UFO researcher before I was born. So the entire family environment conspired for us to receive these messages and make this contribution. At first, immediately, we did not believe, so we asked for evidence…So we were told to go south of Lima (to the desert to witness a sighting on February 7, 1974. And we went one day ahead of time in order not to get confused with any other kind of aerial phenomenon. And it did happen. It happened, something nobody believed what happened. The night was illuminated as bright as the day and behind the hill a very bright light came up and was moving above the ridges of this hill. We were 20 persons witnessing this, of ages between 16 and 20 years old. We all witnessed the same thing. The light then began to descend towards us, glowing in intensity. And it stationed above us. It had the shape of a disk with lights circulating around, white lights circulating around it. And it had about half a dozen windows. It came down and stopped stationary at about 18 meters away from us. Then several lights—red, yellow, green lights began to appear. And it projected a light as though it was midday above us. And all of us received communication in our minds that said that they had not landed because we were not prepared. And that further along the physical contact that we were thinking about would take place.

P: Okay, Sixto. Was this in your mind that they told you this? And it was up in your head?

S: But all the 20 people received that information. When we went back home, we told my father what had transpired because he was a scientist. But he took it as a joke. He thought that we were kidding with him, that we were laughing at his UFO research. So during those days we tried to communicate again with those beings and requested new evidence, further evidence for my father. And my father really wasn’t that willing to go but he eventually felt compelled to go by the group, and went to another appointment with people from the Peruvian Air Force. And another object appeared. It was a cylinder-shaped object which they calculated to be about 150 meters long. It was tilting a little bit and it approached us almost like a dirigible, like a zeppelin?

P: Yes.

S: And it flew above us. And my father was deeply impacted by seeing this, and he was saying to himself, “So it’s impossible. How could it be so many years I’ve been researching UFOs and they end up contacting my son.” But in truth it was my father who had prepared the way. For they, meaning the extraterrestrials, had prepared the way to my father. After one month, eight of us were receiving the messages. And it was a group of about 50 or 60 persons that were going out to have these sightings, out in the desert. We started inviting friends and family members and acquaintances. And every time that we invited them, they appeared—sometimes  during the day and sometimes during the night. Until the month of June when in June of 1974 they told us to go only with groups of seven people. Groups that were tuned to an instant centering with the groups that could prepare for what would be physical contact. So the large groups did not like being divided into smaller groups, but we accepted this and we moved forward. We went like this. It was my turn to be in the first group of seven people. Being in the desert with the group, walking in the desert, I suddenly, unexplainably, appeared about two kilometers ahead of the group. And right in front of me there was a luminous dome. And at about 400 or 500 meters above there was a disk-shaped object that apparently had projected the dome of light. From the luminous dome of light I saw an anthropomorphic being with his arm raised, inviting me to approach. He said his name was Oxalc Every time they told me, and they insisted manually for me to approach. I was very afraid of it and always said, “No.”  But when I saw him turning around and going back into the light I tried to approach. When I approached the light it was not solid. The light, when it maintained its structure, was dome-shaped but it was not a solid light. It was like giving something you could put your arm through easily. When I went inside the light I felt dizziness and as though as I had been losing weight and with the losing weight I also felt nauseous. And when I could see inside the light I saw a person standing in front of me. He was about 6 feet tall, robust, and had Oriental features like a Korean or a Mongol, Oriental. And he really looked robust. He gestured with his hands but the communication was mental. And he told me that his name was one of the first same beings that had communicated with me from the beginning. And that thing that I had gone through was called a “xendra”, a dimensional portal.

P: I understand every word he says, but you could keep going, because I speak Italian, and it’s just like Italian. It’s perfect. I hear everything he’s saying.

S: Should I continue?

P: Absolutely. Yes.

S: Okay. I spent four or five days with them there. But when I returned I noted that only 15 minutes had passed.

P: Okay. I have to ask him how he knows it was four or five days there.

S:  For all the things one can do during four or five days.

P: So he lived day and night, day and night for four or five days?

S: What happens is that over there, there is not night. The environment is like a permanent moonlight, not bright lighting…What happens is that when I went through the luminous dome, he told me that I would accompany him to Ganymede, one of the moons of Jupiter which they call Morlen. And the time that I would live over there would not correspond to the time on Earth. They were not taking me with a big ship, but that it was like a dematerialized spaceship

On Ganymede what they have is a kind of artificial life. They have adapted to life, to those conditions over there. We will one day, too, on the moon or wherever it is convenient for us. They told me how they live, what they eat, how they organize themselves.

P: Can I ask about the eating? Is it mostly vegetarian fruit and vegetables?

S: They are vegetarians and they have hydroponic and aeroponic way of growing those things. There are no diseases…We have many ways of  proper means of health in order not to get sick.

P: Did all of them have these features? These Mongolian features? Even the women? Did they all look alike?

S: Only these three had those features. There are 60 different races arriving on Earth. There are a couple more humanoid beings. But not like human beings. Some look simian, look at others insectoid.

P: Did this come from him having seen them, or from what they told him?

S: A great amount of it they told him.

P: Including that little being that I saw in that one photogram that you sent me? Right? The little gray being, you can address that now.

S: In that case, those little beings in that photogram, right?

P: Um, hm.

S: They were androids…

P: Which means they were created in the laboratory, right?

S: Yes.

P: Created. So they are almost like clones, correct? They’re almost like little clones. Do those have a consciousness?

S: They are all the same…they have no differences.

P: Like worker-bees. Listen, Colonel Corso told me this. Do those have the ability of consciousness?

S: No. They have a collective consciousness.

P: Yes. Okay, okay. So you were gone for five days and it was 15 minutes.

S: Yes.

P: And you learned a great deal. What did you feel you needed to do? What was your obligation when you came back?

S: To share with people what I have lived, especially what I have felt with other beings.

P: Did you have trouble with your friends, with the people? Was there a lot of jealousy and envy?

S:  No, because the next week all seven of us, of the group, went inside the space craft, the dome craft.

P: Inside the dome.

S: And they underwent the same experience….And after that many other persons, individually and in a group, underwent or lived through the same experience…And experiences like these repeated themselves over the next 40 years.

P: Do you always need to go to the same place in the desert, far away from civilization?

S: No, we have had experiences like this in different parts of the country in Peru and also in other countries. Because the experience doesn’t really depend on the place so much, or as much as the preparation of the people…Although one of the advantages of being in a faraway place is that they can select carefully who goes.

P: Okay. How did they select? Did they tell Sixto who they want?

S: They read our minds and they heed our orders.

P: Is the preparation based on meditation, and is it based on physical? I mean, do you have to be physically okay? And be willing to meditate? What do you need to do?

S: The preparation is physical, mental, and spiritual. But above all, it is attitude. We also felt fear as any other person…although our curiosity was greater than our fear.

P: I understand. But when you say physical, what do you mean physical? You have to be in good physical condition?

S: One needs to be in good health…and try to avoid all kinds of food that may affect natural   balance of the body, and especially the nervous system which are natural antenna for others.

P:  For example, are they people who exercise, or people who eat certain things? I understand about the attitude but is it people who exercise, who are in good shape…or are you just saying there are little drugs and so forth, but do they have to exercise and meditate?

S: Yes, the person who doesn’t love himself, how can he love others?  If you don’t take care of yourself, how can you take care of others?

P: I know.

S: Exercise is recommended, yes.

P: But some would just die. I think that people need to be in shape. People that are overweight or people that cannot move would suffer heart attacks, no?

S: Yes. There is movement, and that’s why we have to move as well.

P: Okay. Well, but this was in the 1970s. Are the contacts constant or do they change over the years?

S: The contact was always sporadic, not constant. I have seen them physically 11 times during the 40 years.

P: And when was the last time?

S: I have on board the ships four times during those 40 years. And one time that I was on board this ship, I was able to travel with them…And that time I was able to travel with them and see them physically and to travel with them was in the Dominican Republic in the year 2003.

P: Well, how did you know that? Did you feel that or were you already there?

S: They asked us. They made an appointment with us  and gave us  the location also for a special day and time.  The last time I went on board the ship, it was 5 PM and there was plenty of sunlight and there were 37 witnesses to the event.

P: And you went by yourself? You went alone?

S:  I told my companions that they, the ETs, were arriving for all on board. But my companions told me, “Yes, you go.”

P: Okay. Now when he goes on board, does he disappear? Or is it another time zone? Or does he walk through a porthole? Did he disappear and they just see him?

S: The space ship was hovering above the group, in the sky, and it just shone a beam of light that captured him and raised him up into the sky.

P: Ask him if the long periods of time he doesn’t hear from them, that he misses them or if he feels disconnected.

S: No, I don’t miss them too much. No, I don’t miss them because the messages are a constant feature of my experience. The physical contact, on the other hand, are sporadic.

P: Okay. And then does he share openly this communication with people?

S: Yes, through a social network.

P: But, tell me why is it not in the United States?

S: Because they prohibited me to go back to the United States?

P:  Who prohibited you?

S: The government.

P: If you had an invitation to come to the United States, would you come?

S: Actually, what happened is that the Univision network Channel 23, an Hispanic network…

P: Yes, I know it. It’s Jaime Maussan’s network, I know.

S: That Univision, I think.

P: Anyway, what happened?

S: The Univision invited me with  did everything very formally, and there was a problem…When he got to the U.S., the immigration officer told him that…they separated sixto and they took him into an office and told him that they could charge him with anything, they could invent a charge against him so that he would not be able to return.

P: Did you ask why?

S: Of course I did.

P: And what did they say?

S: That they didn’t need to give him any explanation/

P: Okay. Suppose he came in through Hawaii? If he went to Hawaii and from Hawaii to San Francisco, would they let him come that way?

S:  They don’t even allow me to enter Puerto Rico. This took place in 1999 when we had invited the press, the media, for the fifth time…During this 40 years we have invited the press eight times to witness programmed sightings/encounters…On the seventh occasion, the media and the reporters themselves went into the dome of light and spoke with the extraterrestrials…On this great occasion, reporters had stayed with us, camping out in the desert for six days…It was their preparation, the way that we do this…But on that occasion, the fifth time, in 1989, this time the deal that American reporters had done was confiscated upon entering the U.S. ..

The tape was confiscated upon entering the U.S. The most they were allowed to show was a 3-minute brief or news brief in a local channel.

P: Were they American reporters? Is that what he is saying?

S: Yes, yes. They were American reporters. They could only show the news for 3 minutes maximum on a local channel. He is talking about Hispanic reporters .

P: Okay. Now that was all in 1989. We’re now in 2013. I am sure that things are going to change. They have to change.

S: I’m also sure that they are going to change.

P: Can you tell him that my job is to bring all the people from Giant Rock back to Giant Rock for the 15th Anniversary which is April 4 of 2014? That I would love to work something out where he was there, too, because that is out in the desert on an empty runway.

S: Thank you for inviting me.


Yes. Things did change!

I am posting my video interview with Sixto Paz Wells done at the LAX Airport Hotel at the CALIFORNIA CONSCIOUSNESS LIFE EXPO this year February 7th,2015





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