2020 StarworksUSA UFOs & Artificial Intelligence Symposium in Laughlin, NV


Jimmy Church
FADE TO BLACK Live Broadcaster

Paul Hynek
History Channel’s PROJECT BLUE BOOK

Paul H. Smith, Ph.D.
STAR GATE Psychic Espionage Remote Viewer

Grant Cameron
BEYOND PRESIDENTIAL – The Grant Cameron Radio Show

Jaime Maussan
Award Winning, Well-Known Media Star & UFO Researcher in Mexico

Sixto Paz Wells
World Coordinator and Spokesperson of the RAHMA Mission

Roberto Vargas De La Gala
Transformational Encounters with Apunians

Karen Gresham
Clinical Hypnotherapist & Empath

Egon Kragel
Cosmic Entertainer, Author, Composer & Performer

Lynn Kitei, M.D.
Producer, Author and Key Witness to the Phoenix Lights

James Fox
Executive Producer and Director of Critically Acclaimed UFO Documentaries

Sid Goldberg
Emmy Award Winning Director, Writer and Producer

Vitaly Safarov
The Language of Light, A Message from Above, Beyond & Within

Daniel Alan Jones
Young Researcher of the Year 2019 Award Winner

Cynthia Sue Larson
Best-selling Author of Quantum Jumps & Reality Shifts

Alan Stivelman
Documentary Filmmaker of Witness of Another World

Paola Harris
International Investigative Journalist

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