New June Master Class with Paola Harris: The Latin American Contactees: Cosmic Messages from the Andes

A 2-Hour Interactive Master Class
Sunday, June 30, 2024

With Paola Harris

Sunday, June 30, 2024 – 6pm MST / 8pm EST, $30
Limited to 40 attendees

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Paola Harris shares her archive of first-hand experience, photos and international research about the the Cosmic Messages shared with numerous Latin American Contactees including Ricardo González, Luis Fernando, Sixto Paz Wells, Veronica Wells, Enrique Villanueva and Roberto Vargas De La Gala. One hour interactive presentation and one hour of your questions.

Bring your questions for a lively discussion! Limited to 40 participants.

My career has always been a nuts and bolts investigative journalist in the UFO and paranormal phenomenon and it’s very interesting. This is all part of a study and I’ve learned, over 30 years, I need to go on and move beyond. I wish to thank all the Latin American researchers, contactees and interpreters who helped me add their wisdom to the updated part of this book. Being a child of the 70s, I was influenced by Bob Dylan and his literary and musical effect during my life. I realized that it must be included in the Beyond edition of this book. I thank him for being my inspiration and, since the bottom line is World Peace, I believe that it is fitting that he won the Nobel prize this year for the inspirational and poetic words of his music. May my words in this book inspire us all to go Beyond and rediscover who we really are. Most of all, may it extend our consciousness beyond and help us evolve into a more cosmic human species so we can enter into an intelligent dialogue with our space brothers and sisters and achieve World Peace.” – Paola Harris

Poala Harris is an award-winning Italian / American UFO Investigative Journalist.

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