Mary Rodwell Interview with Paola Harris — Awakening: How Extraterrestrial Contact Can Transform Your Life.

M:  Mary               P: Paola

Mary: It seems to me very hard for them to access professional counseling because as you well known, there are many within traditional fields such as psychology or psychiatry that actually see this just as a mental aberration where someone is fanciful or sees something that cannot be explained and they don’t realize that this is a reality. So to me it was very important to get some credentials and my background is nursing and midwifery but I went into professional counseling over 25 years ago. So I have a lot of experience with normal, what I would call everyday human relationship counseling in grief and bereavement, all those types of things. But obviously I stepped over a particular boundary when I decided to explore this phenomenon. I mean, simply because someone came to me and said, “Look, Mary, you have support groups for everything you can imagine, but there’s no support group for this. People just consider you to be a loony.” And this gentleman was certainly no loony. What was even more powerful to me was that it wasn’t just him that was having these experiences. His whole family was experiencing this. This was his partner and the children. So you know, when anybody says to me, one person, and they just believe that, this is absolute nonsense because you and I know as a certainty, this is intergenerational. This affects whole families, and sometimes you see the links between mother and father, grandfather, grandmother, right down to the grandchildren. So there is just no way this is a personal fantasy. And you know, for me that was very, very powerful and that was why ACERN (Australian Close Encounter Resource Network) was actually born. And since then over 2000 cases I have dealt with, not only in Australia but worldwide. 

Paola: You also worked with a lot of American researchers. Would you like to name some because you’re not just out there by yourself? You’ve come to the States quite a few times to speak. 

Mary: Oh, absolutely, and one of my dearest colleagues is Barbara Lamb, of course, and Dolores Cannon is an extremely good friend of mine as well. And I know Yvonne Smith, of course, who is a wonderful researcher and also works in this field. So I’ve been meeting not only in America but also in the UK with some of the researchers and therapists over there, so you know, you and I know that this is really important that we connect globally and share our research from a broad level, and of course I’ve been a great fan of Dr. John Mack. I met him in Glastonbury and of course to me he was a shining light when it comes from the therapeutic side of dealing with this experience. He, of course, wrote two books on the subject where here we’ve got a former professor of psychiatry at Harvard University and it was through his own research, initially coming in as a skeptic. But doing all the psychological testing that was necessary and with his research came to the conclusion not only was it real, but it was something profoundly important. And he wrote two books, Abduction, Human Encounters with Aliens, and Passport to the Cosmos two incredibly powerful and amazing books and coming from someone with huge credibility  in the therapeutic arena.

Paola: You mentioned Dr. Leo Sprinkle. You mentioned a lot of female researchers and I’m very happy about that, but losing Budd Hopkins and Dr. John Mack, the field is now open for other researchers.

Mary: Absolutely. And what is really very heartening for me is that I’ve met those within the professional fields that have been very supportive, although they may not come out with it more publicly because of their credentials. I know at least two psychiatrists in Western Australia that are open to this. I’ve even got a number of psychologists that are very keen (on the QT), you know, on the quiet, who offer support not only because they  have seen or come across people with experiences and believe in them, but they themselves have had encounters. I have a recent one where she said to me she feels really bad because about five years ago she had a gentleman who said he was having encounters. And her typical response as a psychologist was, “There must be some kind of trauma or abuse as a child.” Now she feels terrible, she told me, because she’s discovered that she is an experiencer, at least suspects its not just her but  her family is involved. And she actually contacted that gentleman and pointed him toward my web site and my support. So it’s really interesting that there are a number of credentialed professionals who are realizing that, maybe not through their own personal experience, but by those coming to them, that this is in fact real.

Paola: Well, could you cite your web site, please? Because I’d like people…I get this all the time. I don’t do contact work but they always ask me who they can speak to. And of course we have people in the United States but I would love to recommend you. Could you please tell us what your web site is?

Mary: My web site is:  and to be honest, Paola, if they just Google Mary Rodwell it will come up anyway. So it’s really simple to find me. And my email is on my web site if anyone feels they need to contact me directly, then they’re more than welcome to do so. 

Paola: I know you do a lot of work on Skype, too, Mary. Thank God that we have this kind of technology. And you told me you’ve done quite a few sessions on Skype.

Mary: Well, this is the wonderful thing about technology, isn’t it? I am able now to do sessions on Skype, and I’ve even done hypnosis on Skype which is a very interesting process, and I was amazed at how well it worked, believe it or not. And I’ve done sessions with people in America as well as in New Zealand and also the UK. So it works well and I’m very delighted because it makes me, obviously, more accessible to help people wherever they are, and that’s been wonderful.

Paola: Well, you know, I met you for the first time—I’d known about you—at the James Gilliland Ranch. You remember that experience. It was really fun and there were quite a few sightings.

Mary: Oh, Paola, I will never forget my wonderful time at James Gilliland’s Ranch with you. We had such fun, didn’t we? I think we were the terrible twins. It was hilarious when we were out in the “field of dreams” and the sightings, especially the night vision goggles were just amazing. But also the whole situation was just an amazing experience, and for anyone who wants to see the reality, then that’s one place to go to for sure. But the amazing thing is with James’ ranch, is that he’s had scientists go there from all professions and they have come away totally convinced of this reality.

Paola: Oh, yes, it was wonderful. You’ve also spoken at the International UFO Congress. But one thing I’d like to highlight is that I met you on the island of Hawaii also when Dr. Michael Salla was doing his Exopolitics Institute conference. And you happened to be there at a very historical time because on that island was the former Defense Minister of Canada, Paul Hellyer. There was the Ambassador John MacDonald; there was James Gilliland; there were several of us and we all drafted the Hawaii Document for protocols for contact. Do you remember that?

Mary: I do, and it was historic because it really brought Exopolitics out from just being a fringe kind of organization to becoming very much on the world stage now, as you well know. For me it was incredible in terms of making a real statement about how we feel about this whole reality and our connection to all these intelligences that are visiting our planet at this time. 

Paola: Yes, and it also was a table of very important people, including Ambassador John MacDonald who is not a UFOlogist. He was the United States ambassador to Ireland coming together with Dr. Michael Salla to put down some protocols, some ideas for contact which had not been done at all since. We have the Hawaii Declaration and I’m waiting for the United Nations and the European Parliament to get it together to have something in place. But you came on your own dime. I remember being there with you because you decided that it was important for you to show up when things are in force that you need to be part of. And it is taking the responsibility for doing something about all of this. How do you feel about the field? In your life and with your family, have they realized how important it is to you?

Mary: Oh, I think they have no doubt that Mom has this passion and there is no stopping her. You know, I made jokes about the fact that’s it just my hormones if they so choose. But the bottom line is, whatever they think, I will do this—my eldest son is still a little bit uncertain about what and why I’ve been doing this, but since I did the documentary with him, “My Mom Talks to Aliens,” I think it’s given him new insight into what and how important it is for people. He met a couple of gentlemen with experiences, one with DNA evidence, and another gentleman locally, and he said to me, “Well, without question he believes that.” He also said that he believed him, although this wasn’t his own perspective of reality, he’s a veterinary surgeon. He is coming very much from the scientific perspective. But even so, even with seeing the UFO footage as well, he’s still keeping an open mind. But at the same time I think he knows there’s got to be something there. My other two children are very, very supportive. I have to say my ex-husband wasn’t so supportive of it all. I think there’s something, though, that highlights it in families. If you’ve got one partner not supporting the other with their experiences or interests, it causes problems.  That’s come up many times in my work.  When you’ve got one partner not accepting the others experiences they become more and more isolated and resentful. And I think that making the documentary was a very good way to highlight this problem about the conflict someone can experience when they share their encounters with their partner and /or family and are not believed or they just don’t want to hear it, or they suggest they are psychologically unwell. So by doing the documentary it highlighted this problem, to show these difficulties and that there is professional support, and it is real.  So not only does the experiencer have evidence of support but they can show their family this is a reality too. The ironical thing is that some of their family may be involved in these contacts too, either the mother, brother, sister or it might be the father.  But for me, the question that more than takes me out is the discrimination against personal reality, anything that is not accepted as so called normal-experiences. And that’s why I am so involved in disclosure. Because the public, don’t know the truth and they need to know  the extraterrestrial presence is  real. And its only with  disclosure of this information, and the governments admit what is really going on, so those with experiences and their families can finally  accept this real and know they are not crazy. And this is why I do this, because these people need a voice. And they need to know they are okay and that they are not alone and that millions of people around the globe are experiencing the same things. And that’s what pushes me forward. So when you ask me why I continue this, that’s why. Other  non-human species are visiting our planet and we have to realize that this is real, and listen to those who are having contact. 

Paola: Well, you know, I agree with you on that because I don’t think it’s normal to go into this arena and I really herald you for working with it, and I like your word “experiencer” rather than “contactee.” That’s the word that John Mack used and he was an amazing person. Now, can people buy the DVD that you did, “My Mom Speaks to Aliens”? Do they have access to it? Can I get it?

Mary: It’s one of the Australian TV networks SBS that produced it. You can view it on line, and I think that’s one of the best ways  to access it. Because as far as I know its not for sale to the public. I have written some comments on the production and you can view these comments on my web site.  Because there were certain things that I was unhappy about in the last edit of the show. The first polygraph in the documentary when the individual was questioned and he failed the polygraph. But they didn’t show in the edit the reason why he failed, and that  was because he was questioned about something only revealed in hypnosis and this causes less certainty than conscious recall. I did a filmed discussion with the polygraph expert afterwards and the polygraph expert agreed with me this was why he failed, but this explanation was not shown on the final edit , so it looked like the person wasn’t telling the truth which was incorrect. I was very angry about this. Also some comments with the voice over where the producer made comments about my sons thoughts which were not true.  The University debate was another issue for me because the professor of astrophysics just treated the whole debate as a joke.  But generally the feedback from the show was amazing, I heard from hundreds of people who thanked me for doing it and how much it meant to them to know there was support for this. Many were also angry with the debate and how the subject and I was treated,  even from some academics who criticized Dr Lineweaver’s unprofessional behavior.

Paola: Well, you know, Mary, I’m fascinated with your work because you also work with children, and we had a long conversation before we did this radio show about your latest work with children. And I hope you write a book someday that deals only children. Would you talk a little bit about some of the interesting cases, especially of the children you’re dealing with today in 2012 and 2013?

Mary: Absolutely.  And it has become an important part of my work. And the most wonderful thing about the children is that they don’t see talk shows, they don’t read books on me; they only know that it’s serious. And that’s why I find it absolutely fascinating when I hear about what they are experiencing. When you’ve got a 5-year-old that says to his mother, “I don’t mind going through walls. They teach me more than I learn at school,” you have to say what on Earth is going on. And the drawings. I saw the drawing of a 4-year-old who drew this triangular craft with an energy field around it, saying, “That’s where I go sometimes.” Now, what child knows about energy fields first off. Whether it be drawings or they say, “The beings have big eyes, no ears, and no hair,” again we’re talking to 4-year-old and 5-year-old children that are making these drawings and telling these stories, saying that they don’t trust them here. When children start to say things like this. And some of the more recent ones that I’ve seen talking to the parents and the children overseas as well as in Australia, and some of the cases, one was in Europe. She was a 9-year-old girl. Her mother is a linguist and teacher. A friend of hers saw my presentation and showed her my presentation “The New Human “at the Exopolitics site in the UK  and  I spoke about the star kids and star languages. The little girl saw it and the woman who was speaking these languages and said this lady would know what she is speaking. This little girl speaks three Star Languages and I have videos of her doing it. Her mother took them for me. And the mother told me that she was ‘told’ that her children were not her children, they didn’t belong to her, that they had come to help the planet. And she said her daughter speaks these languages, and one of these languages she speaks has to do with water, and the daughter says that she came to earth to help awaken her family and she can heal water. And this is a 9-year-old girl talking to the water in at his language and she says it purifies the very nature of water itself. And interestingly, they opted to do this with tap water and noticed a distinct difference in the taste of the water she had spoken to.

If you’re aware of  Masaru Emotos work with water, his book “ Messages in Water. He has shown how the crystalline nature of water changes with prayer, intent, and even certain types of music, it’s the same thing.  But she also said something pretty interesting to her mother. Listen to it—from a 9-year-old girl.

“Poor us poor kids who come to volunteer,  we have such a difficult time ahead of us.  A real fight. I am here to help my family ‘wake up’ everyone is sleeping. Cathy lives in Northern Europe.  And this is her role that she has to help her mother in any way possible. She is to help with the changes. And this is what a 9-year-old girl is talking about. She told me there were five like her in her school, and they have different energy fields. She has great faith about her calling and of school she says, “They program you. We already know things, and what they do is they program you all of your light, the school programs are like a virus, it destroys what we have inside us and when we are infected it extinguishes the light.. We lose access to all we had in the beginning. And you’ve got a 9-year-old girl, fully aware of really complex subjects and she goes into other things about the beings,

Cathy calls her helpers who guide and teach her. One being is called Emenoke and is female, blue with no hair or ears. A green being who is make and a helper from Day land ( dimensions) who helps her understand what her guides are telling her.   They want us to see reality as it really is. She says we all come from ‘dayland’ where the light lives, she doesn’t want to use the word God as she says its misused, . She calls the being in ‘daylight’ an over terrestrial ‘  and its where we all originate. It not a man or a woman it has no gender. The ‘being’ sowed the seed of light and love, and its where the light and Angels live.  Now this is again, you have to be mindful that this is a 9-year-old child that is telling us more about how she understands how things ought to be and who we are, and she says the potential for humanity is incredible. She doesn’t yet know what we are capable of.  And with these kinds of profound statements, it just blows me away, Paola.

Paola: Well, what is the youngest? We only have about two more minutes before the break—what is the youngest child you’ve ever worked with?

Mary; The youngest child would be just 2 years old and this 2-year-old had  a drawing these beings. And the mother said, “How did you get this because she ordinarily did scribble drawings.”

And she said, “The lady that came from up there  and took me away last night.

Paola: So this small child…or was it the lady that did the drawing?

Mary: Well, this is exactly it. Because the drawing couldn’t be possibly done by her it was too complex because it was of a being with big eyes and a cloak.

Paola: So was this particular case in Australia?

Mary: Yes, it was. And it’s actually something that I mention in my book about this young girl, her mother was actually a social worker.

Paola: Okay. You mention your book and then we’ll go to break. Because I think for a lot of people that are interested in this area, we need to read from all over the world, all the researchers’ work.

Mention your book.

Mary: My book is called “Awakening: How Extraterrestrials Can Change Your Life and Transform Your Life.” And it was published by myself and has since been updated.

Paola: So the title is “Awakening.”

Mary: Yes.

Paola: Well, I can’t wait to return to talk to you, Mary, after the break. Thank you.

Mary: You’re welcome.

Break in Interview

Paola: Well, we return to talk with Mary Rodwell and it’s been a pleasure because we really miss having great meetings with people from all over the world. That’s one of my desires someday to have some kind of “think tank” where we have different people from different countries sharing their experiences because all too often, Mary, when we’re in this country we think that UFOlogy is just American, and when I lived in Italy, with UFOlogy just Italian, and we only covered the pieces that were indigenous to our country. The part that really fascinates me about what you do is that you have a passion with working with children. Did you ever consider a Star Seed school or something like that? Did you ever envision that?

Mary: I certainly do. I feel very, very strongly that we have to really approach how we educate these children. Because a lot of them are very bored when they go to school and find classes limited, and don’t fit in with what they already ‘know’ intuitively  a lot of these children are labeled as ADHD. And the reason that I feel this is because I have met so many with ADHD that are having encounters. And they tell me that they see reality differently a broader multidimensional reality and that also they are highly intelligent and they seem to have what we call downloads of information. An eight year old girl called “knowledge bombs” where they seem to know things they are not taught in school. One of the older star seeds lives in Hong Kong his name is Neil Gould, Neil was diagnosed as ADHD as a child, and he told me that he always saw reality differently in a more expanded way. He realized he had also experienced encounters and wrote his story” Close Encounters of the ADHD kind. And he said he thinks that our educational system is too limited.  Other so -called dysfunctions such as autism and Asperger’s syndrome. Individuals with these conditions have often disclosed to friend or family that they have experienced expanded  realities and  see ‘beings’ or spirits as well as energy around people.. They seem to have special kind of  expanded awareness. The advantage is that they are not easily programmable as the so called ‘normal’ human. And I think that’s the key, the rest of us close off our ability to experience expanded reality. The more we challenge those boundaries more of what is the greater reality we can perceive.

Paola: Well, I like the word “knowledge bomb.”  We on this planet have a lot of regular bombs, we have a lot of virus, we have a lot of hatred, we have a lot of very low-level types of behavior. What do the children say about humanity?

Mary: Well, they feel like they’re got the experience being human, but know they have cone to help us with our evolution, as does this young lady I called Cathy explained. They are here to teach us a new way of being. And some of them are supported with information downloads but also educated up on the craft. A 8 year old boy in Australia told me he can communicate with animal and he is here to teach us how to understand them. He can recall going up on the ships with some school friends and he and he does some of his learning up there. . He said,  there are often other children and they are taught everything such as information about black holes, cosmology,  and even complex mathematics. and he talked about  making pictures or puzzles like holographics in the air  and  they can move things with their minds. And he said this is how he learned also about working with animals. He said he not only  can he communicate with animals. He knows how they feel. He said we treat our animals very badly and he wants to help us understand how important they are. He also can see energies around not just people but animals and plants as well.  He said to educate us, to show us a new way. And this is what a lot of these new children coming in are here for, they are coming with a mission and as teachers. They come with a mandate and they are aware of this. They are aware of what they have to do, even though they are aware that it’s difficult. This 10-year-old that I speak with in England is aware of his mission. When he was 7 or 8 he told me had downloaded into his mind, complex technology to create portals, portals to reach other worlds. It sounds incredible.10 years old, and talking about getting information to create portholes.  This is similar to an 8-year-old here in Australia, he told me had s on his stomach, that they are many portals on this planet to other universes. This 8-year-old also told me that he goes up on the space craft with two of his school friends and they are in pods where they cannot move, and they are having their yearly medical examinations, they are checking him out and they’re watching him because he needs to be looked after, so they look after these children, at least he said so, which is really, really interesting.

Paola: Well, you know, Mary, I also know your work from the Jason Andrews case and I did a lot of work with Jason Andrews in England. That’s a very strange case. Can you tell me, when they came to Australia, and I suggested people look at what is called Jason, My Indigo Child book. It’s important that people read this book. I not only met Jason Andrews, I was in Lincolnshire at their house and so much paranormal activity was going on, Mary, that I couldn’t stay there. I had to leave in 24 hours. I went to a hotel because I had people calling me by my first name in the middle of the night and footsteps, and in the field across from their house UFOs landing. I know he also came to Australia and I really recommend this case. Can you talk a little bit about the paranormal activity around Jason Andrews?

Mary: Absolutely. Poor Anne was very reluctant to believe Jason at first and didn’t want to acknowledge it was real.  But finally she did and wrote the book Abducted . I contacted her because I had a case who was being checked out by a psychiatrist just like Jason had been when he was in his teens.  I spoke to Ann and also learned a little bit more about what was going on with her family, and we eventually became really good friends. Ann and her family came to Australia to meet me,  and people in the support group because  she hadn’t felt so supported in the UK. The paranormal activity was ongoing and even continued while she was in Australia and luckily she stayed with a lady who was very understanding and had her own experiences.  What happened was that unusual  phenomena followed Jason around wherever he went. Ann and family experienced lots of strange events and she used to think there was something wrong with him. Jason was very patient with her and helped her to actually work out what was going on. But Ann experienced a strange event when Jason was born, they thought he was stillborn, and then amazingly he survived.  Also Ann had a later pregnancy, and was three months pregnant when she was told by her doctor that she shouldn’t go ahead because the baby might threaten her life and both she and the baby might die, and  the doctor suggested termination. But shortly after this and before she had made up her mind what to do,  Ann had an experience where she woke up bleeding and not pregnant. Later,  however she had ‘flashbacks’ of her baby being taken by beings. She struggled to believe this was what happened and received images of a boy child and even named him Nathan. But she felt more and more traumatized by these images and angry with the extraterrestrials for taking him against her will as she thought..  But , Ann was still not sure of its reality until Jason talked about his little brother and called him Nathan, the name she gave the baby, but only in her secret thoughts. Finally she became convinced this event where her youngest child had been ‘taken’ really happened. She had remained traumatized by this and when she was in Australia, she asked me to do some hypnosis to find out what really happened. She had been taken but had learnt from the ‘beings’ and like the human Doctor she was told she   might die and the baby if she went ahead with the pregnancy so she had a choice they could take the baby and bring him up on the ship( space craft) and that way he would still live. Ann consented to this because she didn’t want her son to die. She then saw her son via hypnosis  and that he was okay and she was extremely emotional as she now fully understood what happened and how she had consented to this to save his life.

Paola: Well, when Jason came to Italy and we brought him to a restaurant, all at once he looked up and he looked at me and he said, “Nathan is behind you and he wonders why you look so young.” And I thought, oh, my God…this is very strange because I think there’s a whole other area that we don’t see, all other dimensions. He was looking at me, Nathan, who was in this dimension and of course we can’t see it, but were there sightings and did things happen in your house when Jason was there?

M: Well, not at my house but where they stayed and the phenomena then was unparalleled. He was also glad that his mother was finally going to find out about Nathan.  When I came out of the session he already knew and said to me “She’s got to see her son, Nathan.” I said to him, that she couldn’t believe his long hair and that he had a tooth missing. A postscript tot this is that Ann wrote to me some months later and said that Nathan visits her often and when she is stuck in writing the second book about Jason “ “Its unbelievable, in that when I’m writing, if I get stuck for something to say, Nathan comes in and he helps me with the words and helps me to write what I need to say.” So how’s that for a wonderful postscript to the book, My Indigo Child?

Paola:I know it’s absolutely amazing. I also know that when Jason sleeps the air around is quite different, isn’t it? It’s kind of heavy.

Mary: Absolutely. And he acknowledges that. I think he’s finding out now he is fully accepted in the family.  Its wonderful that he can acknowledge all the things that are going on, and having these forces and spirits since he was a child and he realizes that his brother is there as well. So that was a way for the whole family to acknowledge that Jason sees these ‘beings.” It’s an amazing story and they are an amazing family.

Paola: Yes, they are. And now you had mentioned that one of the people that you worked with had DNA evidence. Can you share that with us? Is it public?

 Mary: This wasn’t my case although I met the individual concerned who had a strange hair left on his person after an encounter,  his name is Peter Khoury, and he lives in Sydney Australia.

Paola: Yes. I read that book and it was fascinating. I read everything. I’ve got a 300-book library of books here that I’ve read. But I read Bill Chalker. Can you tell the listening audience a little bit about that?

Mary: The story is very interesting. And it was very profound where he went off and found himself really tired in the afternoon and fell asleep, and when he  suddenly woke up he saw this naked woman, if you see the pictures of her, they are bizarre and looks very very much a man’s fantasy.

Paola: But also she was Eurasian, wasn’t she? With Eurasian-looking black hair?

Mary: I think she had blonde hair. She was actually trying to coax him to have sex with her, and when he was awake fully he didn’t want to have sex with her and tried to push her off but she was trying really hard to encourage him. There was another being standing there encouraging her too.  But he was not having any of it and  tried to push her off again and finally succeeds. They both vanish, and its only when he goes to the bathroom he notices some small blonde hairs wrapped around his genitals.  It was quite some years before he got the courage to share his story with a researcher, and Bill Chalker had a contact who was prepared to examine the hair in a laboratory  and found it had very unusual and rare DNA.

Paola: Okay. Now that’s called the Hair of the Alien, right?

Mary: Yes. Peter Khoury also did a polygraph later on when he was featured in the documentary “ My Mum Talks to Aliens’ in 2010.  The polygraph proved he was telling the truth.

 Paola: That’s amazing. Well, we’re talking primarily about Australian cases right now, and you also have, everybody knows Nexus, everybody knows Duncan Rhodes who is the editor of Nexus, and he’s in Australia also. And you’re going to be speaking at that conference?

Mary: I have been asked to speak at Nexus conference in June in Queensland Australia.  And I’m lecturing on the DNA changes which has been supported by Dr William Brown a molecular biologist in Hawaii. He agrees there are DNA changes in these children.  And he actually believes our dormant DNA are being integrated into the new biological system of the new human. And that concerns all of us. He says the exponential increase in autistic, ADD, ADHD. and Indigo children is evidence of this. We’re talking about molecular biology that is confirming what those with encounters have been telling us about how we are changing. And this is the children that I’m talking about.

Paola: So, Mary, what we’re looking at is an aberration of what we think is kind of a different mindset that we’re dealing with—autism, Asperger’s, ADD, ADHD, and all that. This is not so much that, it’s kind of that you’re saying it could be the advent of a new human type, or a new human.

Mary: Absolutely, and with the research that I’ve been doing with the children, and with the parents themselves, it seems like each generation is an update with more awareness, more abilities, and more conscious understanding. Changing the whole face of how we understand our reality and our place in the cosmos. It’s not like we’re being categorized as being of the “old school.” We are being helped by these children, even by their energy, but as the 10-year-old said that he acts like an alchemist when people are close to his energy, it changes people. He says he’s bringing in all these new energy and expanded awareness. All this is affecting our DNA as well. So this is where we’re all headed for a shift in consciousness, part of the human evolution. This is really my hypothesis that will be remaining after me, through this research.

Paola: You know, Mary, I haven’t used the words “good” and “bad.” Everytime I get in here I always say…have you ever heard that…that there are bad aliens or good aliens? To me it has the connotation of kind of religious, making judgment of people that are bad or aliens that are bad.

How do you feel about contact? Can you say something about it? Do you make those kinds of judgments? Have you put aliens, or ETs, or extraterrestrials, cosmic cultures—have you put them in a category?

Mary: I think it’s exactly as Jesus said, perhaps we’re looking at this phenomena through  “the eye of the needle.” I think the only thing we can analyze is the outcomes of such contact. And the outcomes of close encounters, even although some have been traumatic initially, have in a majority of cases been positive,  many realize it has changed them in a positive way, and opened them up to a broader multidimensional reality. For many it has changed their perspective on life they have become interested in the healing arts and some change their lifestyle to more ecological and holistic practices. I also believe that if it was in the agenda to take us out, as a species they could have done this at any time during our history, after all their technologies have always been superior to ours. So why haven’t they? And what I hear from the children is only a positive mandate for humanity the awakening of human consciousness, the waking up to our cosmic heritage and what really matters. I do not say I know or think they are all are benevolent because I suspect there are some may well be self serving. But its hard to know because even with the ones that seem to have a bad press for some people they may have found these same species to be loving to them, while others had an opposite experience. What does this say!. Possibly some species have different groups and so have different agendas perhaps. I was told that the species such a the reptilians, have 3 different  groups, two benevolent one self serving. So we just don’t have enough information to make judgments.

Paola: So, we have this in common in a way, we just do the work, we just do the archiving, we just do the gathering of data more than anything else. Would you say that that’s primarily the way you gather the data?

Mary: Absolutely. That’s the only way we’re going to get any sense of what’s going on. Again, we can only go on what we have so far. We can’t make any kind of judgment on what is going on.  Because most of  our information is still so limited we may only know  5%  of what is going on and its all very complex and multilayered .

Paola: Well, it’s very complex. What you’re saying is what I believe in a way, it’s complex. You have what you’re working with and then you also have the copycat-type of abduction and you have the copycat type phenomenon that goes with that. Just enough to put enough disinformation and confusion in the average person to not have it become real. If you have disclosure, how do you think the world would change, and do you see that happening?

Mary: I think it’s inevitable. Because more and more people now are coming out and telling their story. They are from all walks of life and some with professional credentials who are having encounters. There are scientists,  lawyers and nurses, all these people, more and more are coming out now and sharing their experiences. There has to be a tipping point there where people stop being closed-minded and acknowledging that it’s real. And with all the wonderful, and vital work you are doing Paola as a journalist, interviewing credible and high profile people  who are supporting the truth of this reality. Ultimately we’ll see disclosure sooner rather than later. This young child of 9 years  old told me that in the next five years everything is going to change, and she said from 2012 to 2017. And you know, Paola, I believe this 9-year-old because she has such awareness.

Paola: Well, this is a courageous recollection that these children have. This isn’t under hypnosis, right? Some of these children know who they are consciously.

Mary: Absolutely. Consciously they know what is going on. I asked this nine year old girl to speak directly to me with one of the ‘star’ languages that she speaks and she asked her mother , and the interpreter to leave the room and spoke directly to me in front of the camera. She spoke it fluently to me, without hesitation. She just sat there and spoke easily without embarrassment, it was quite weird but wonderful.

Paola: I like the way you said “weird and wonderful.” You have such a positive, wonderful attitude about all this. For the average human being, it sounds like they wouldn’t catch it. But going back to what you told me about that particular scenario. What did the interpreter have to do with that? Did the interpreter interpret what she was saying, and how was that person an interpreter?

Mary: Well, what happened was that the family contacted me. The mother spoke English as a second language but not very well, so there was an interpreter, a friend of the family, to tell me what Cathy the nine year old was saying. But when the daughter decided to speak the language    she spoke to me directly to me in this language and it was most incredibly bizarre. Really here is this young girl articulating a strange language fluently. It was just the most incredible experience.

Paola: Psychologically and physically with these children, do you notice anything that’s peculiar? I know you’re taking down an awful lot of data. What do you notice? Is there any commonality in the way they look?

Mary: All I can say is that I think they can be identified by a kind of energy signature.  Its not that they are physically different its more an intuitive recognition, also in some of the new babies, its hard to explain. And I can’t tell you how I tell this, I just know that some amongst them I recognize at some level.  I’ve met many other experiencers who say that they themselves can identify them. And what is fascinating, one of them, who was just ten years old,  began to point out  to his mother those he said had  a percentage of extraterrestrial genes,  and he was so certain, he would say this one has 20%, another  80%,another  60%.  His mother told me that it  was just bizarre but he seemed to just know.

Paola: Well, is there something in their eyes? I mean, sometimes I can tell just by looking at someone’s eyes…they say the eyes are the windows to the soul. I think is there anything in their physiology that says…you could just comment… or do you tell just by the feeling?

Mary: Yes, there’s something about the eyes that you have a sense when you look at them. And I think when they recognize it and  that you are friendly, you know what I mean, then they will let themselves connect with you…because they know that you are okay. And that’s important  and that’s why I think I’m lucky to have their trust. They know that I’m really listening. I had a 9-year-old that said, “Mary has big ears.” What her mother told me Cathy  meant was, “ Mary listens  most adults don’t. Why don’t they listen to us. And this is what the children are saying that we’ve got to start listening to what they say, and not the other way around.

Paola: Well, Mary, I really enjoyed this conversation and I know our listeners have. It’s been so wonderful that you have given us this time from Australia. Would you wrap this up by giving us the title of your book and your web site? So if people want to speak with you personally they can.

Mary: Yes, my book is called Awakening: How Extraterrestrial Contact Can Transform Your Life. And my web site is: And if you Google Mary Rodwell, ACERN will come up. Anyone who feels that I can help them in any way, please email me.

Paola: And you can work with them also on Skype.

 Mary: Absolutely. This is a wonderful, wonderful technology. It’s brilliant.

Paola: Well, that’s how we do a lot of our work, we journalists. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. I hope everything goes well in Australia. I hope to see you soon even though you’re so very far away.

 Mary: Paola, as I have told you, I can’t wait to see you again.

Paola: Thank you. Bye.

Mary: I send you lots of love.

End of Interview

Mary Rodwell Biography

Principal of ACERN.

AcernInternational speaker, former nurse and midwife, counsellor, clinical hypnotherapist, author of “Awakening: Producer of “Expressions of ET Contact: A Visual Blueprint?” & “Expressions of ET Contact: A Communication and Healing Blueprint?” Mary is one of Australia’s leading researchers of Contact/Abduction phenomenon. For over 20 years has supported and collated data from 2000 cases of encounters with non-human extraterrestrial beings both in, Australia and globally. Principal of ACERN, she provides counselling support, information and regression hypnosis to family’s, individuals and children. Her research encompasses, scientific, psychological, anthropological, archaeological, genetic, parapsychological, metaphysical and spiritual evidence for this reality. It also suggests the upgrading of Homo sapiens by these non-human intelligences. This is both genetic and educational. The human genome is altered or upgraded, y these intelligences and the individuals are monitored, and educated on-board space- craft. Taught to use their heightened psychic multi-dimensional abilities, which result in very advanced children, “The New human” Star Children, sometimes called ‘Indigos’.


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Originally published January 24, 2013

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