Paola’s Latest Research – Human-type Aliens: Messages from Latin America

Luis Fernando Mostajo Maertens Interview

by Paola Harris
January 8, 2014
From Bolivia via Skype

L: Luis
P: Paola
G: Georgio Piacenza (translator)

Luis Fernando Mostajo Maertens

P: Luis, in my own personal research on Human-type Alien contact I have to go back to the 1950s. Adamski, Van Tassel and the focus is that I had to go back to the 1950s in order to show the Americans that we have human-type contact digress from  the scenario, the Commercialized  little gray abduction scenario which defines modern Ufology. The people of America are ignorant about the early days of contact…which was in  Palm Desert, California at Giant Rock. Some of these humanoids appear just as “light” in the photographs.

L: They are very physical but they have much more energy, they manage much more energy than us in the same physical plane, and that’s the reason why the photographic camera register them as light.

P: Okay. So I need to join the work of Adamski, Van Tassel, and Howard Menger from the 1950s to Luis Fernando, Sixto Paz Wells, and Ricardo González today  to show the world that aliens are also  people. And they stop putting the little grey on T-shirts and everything else. They need to listen to the message .

L: Well, in truth my contact began when I was 8 years old on a dream plane, when I was dreaming. I was living in southern Peru. We were living there because my mother was a diplomat and was working there. That meant that we stayed in Peru for about eight years. For two years, between the ages of 8 and 10, I began having dreams and visualizations, but I didn’t know how to interpret them.

P: But did your family have anything before that?

L: Yes, until I was 13, my mother and also her close friends began to receive telepathic messages from beings that came from the constellation Alpha Centauri. So we began to live these experiences in parallel with other friends such as Elard Fernandez and Mima Bolo, and other friends. So with all this group, we had the opportunity to go out to the field. They began to invite us. And so we arrived 50 kilometers south of the city of Tacna where we lived. We were a group of 18 people, ready to have a programmed sighting.

P: But did the message come in your head? How did they communicate? Was it in your head?

L: Okay. We communicate telepathically and telepathy is thought forms that arrive in our minds and our mind do interprete them in our own language. This form of telepathy comes also in images. For example, they gave us an image of the place which was called Chuschuco; they gave us the day and the time of the meeting.

P: You’re going to have to spell Chuco for me because they can’t put it in the magazine.

L: Yes. okay. C-h-u-s-c-h-u-c-o. Chuschuco.

P: Okay.

L: Then we found out that Chuschuco was a mineral hot springs place with a huge concentration of minerals. We arrived at 5 PM and walked. We were walking in the desert dunes and in this area we climbed the highest dune to get the best sight, the best view of the place. We arrived at 5 PM and positioned ourselves to be ready.

P: How old were you when you did that?

L: Thirteen.

P: Oh, my God.

L: As I was so young, the contact with Centauri did not change me. It formed me.

P: No, no. It made him what he is today, but was he afraid?

L: I always related those kinds of experiences as good fantastic experiences, not fearful. Maybe like a fantastic experience without questioning it so much.  Maybe becuse I was very young; I just received it very naturally as part of my reality.

P: Do you realize that you live in another reality?

L: Well, as I said, I took it very naturally always, the contact experiences did not change my life radically. It was just like going to mass on Sundays and learning and becoming more receptive to spiritual education.

P: It was an education. Okay. But what I’m asking you is do you realize the outside world does not live your world?

L: Yes, in the years (1977) when I lived my first experiences, I would say that is quite probable. That people were living in a very different reality comparing with mine, but today I would say that at least 50% of the population is interacting in some way with this other reality, so….

P: Perfect, perfect.

L: What is so nice about these contact experiences is that I was one of the youngest contactees visible to the world, but I have been a contactee that was not changed by the experiences. I was mostly like edified from my E.T. Contact.

At exactly 8 PM, like they said, they appeared, two objects with very curious characteristics showed up at about 2000 meters from us: they emerged from the dunes, this made us thinking that they had already been present there. Immediately the first ascended into the sky and was possible to observe the lenticular shape of the object . It was like being in a movie, it looked like a movie. The color of this lenticular object was an intense yellow. The object was hovering 30 meters above another hilltop, and it began to move horizontally and illuminated itself, it was turning on and off like a light bulb illuminating the field as it was daylight, then it moved faraway becoming smaller and smaller at our sight  untill it disappeared. After it was moving horizontally and changing light and all that, it shrank. It shrank until it looked like a group of lights, a small group of lights and it disappeared.

P: Now, did he have any contact mentally with that or was it just a sighting?

L: No, I didn’t have any contact with the first spacecraft . It happened with the second objet that appeared a little later:  I had a nice telepathic contact .

This other object was like a cylinder, an intense orange colored cylinder that remained static above us for about one minute. So that minute that the cylinder was hovering above us, not only myself but other persons in the group, we began to receive messages in our minds that told us that these people had been with us since a long time ago, and they were part of a confederation, that they were trying to assist us and that if we wanted, we could undergo a preparation for further contact.

P: Okay, Luis, describe the images of the people. Can you describe what you saw or did you just feel it?

P: But it’s very important. It’s important that we talk that there are people. That they are people, they are not spirits.

L: During the first contact I felt and saw in my mind how spiritually developed these people were. Later on, physically I saw them….my testimony as a contactee is that I have been taken to Venus where there is intelligent life. They are, like you said before, very similar to human type, the Venusians appears like Nordic humans. Their height is about 6 feet and 6 feet 2 inches. Their hair is flowing and fairly light, their eyes are usully green  and almond-shaped.

They have a loving expression, a loving demeanor, and they are very similar to terrestrials but their earlobes are slightly larger. Their symmetry is quite perfect and they look angelical. They explained to me that Venus originally had no life but it has been conditioned by colonists that came from the Pleiades.

P: Oh, okay.

L: They created the colonies in a semi-subterranean way inside some valley. In this same manner, other civilizations from this confederations have created energy fields in other parts of the solar system, and these energy fields allow them to recreate their original way of life. They showed me that many of their buildings do not have angles and they look like cones.

P: Now, did they physically take him the way they have taken Sixto and they have taken Adamski and they have taken other people? Did they ever take him physically?

L: Yes.

P: They did? Yes, okay.

L: It was a preparation process for me and I did not undergo that process in Peru, but it happened in Bolivia  where I had my second contact experience with a group of seven people. It was in 1978 in Bolivia, and five objects came down and they were shining proyecting circular lights around. After this I started a a physical, mental, and spiritual preparation to really have my first phisical contact experience. This happened in the Andes Cordillera through the opening of a  “cosmic wrinkle”.

They invited me to go inside!

P: What is a “cosmic wrinkle”, though? Is it like the Xendra? Is it like that?

L: It’s like a Xendra. They used two ways to contact me phisically: one is through a Xendra, which is a concentration of luminous energy and then there is something they call “cosmic wrinkle,” which they say that allows them to join or connect two different places as it were only one place. That is how I was able to arrive to a valley which they call “Orea” and means the Valley of Silence. And there I met this being who was three meters away from me, and he had blond, flowing hair, and his right palm was extended toward me, and he was smiling to me. He extended his arm toward me and when he did that, I felt that I was wrapped in his energy field. The second thing that really caught my attention was the sky. The sky had something that looked like multicolored fast movement. The most similar thing we can observe here on Planet Earth is aurora borealis.

P: Did this person have a name?

L: Etel.

P: How am I going to spell that?

L: E-T-E-L  Etel told me that what I was watching or observing was an effect from the solar wind hitting the cloud coverage on Venus, a thick cloud coverage on Venus. The being told me that the place where I was transported was a spiritual center for the Venusians. Another thing that I noticed in this place was that there was construction next to a hill, and there was like a cone-shaped building that looked more or less like some of our thermonuclear plants. They told me that it was an energy concentrator of  Sun Energy. An energy condenser. So Etel showed me this cone-shaped energy condenser and told me that on Earth there was a similar device in Lake Titicaca which is called “The Solar Disk”. Etel told me that my preparation was oriented towards being able to manage these energies in a conscious way and so it is. He explained to me that their social organization was not pyramid-based or hierarchical in a vertical sense, but horizontal. He told me that the whole community was used to look after their children until the age of 22 years old and then these young adults serve the community until the age of 35, at the end of this stage they dedícate in what they are more inclined to do naturally.

They are governed by a kind of council and they have sexual relations only to reproduce and maintain their species. They have overcame the need for physical/sexual pleasure and replaced it with their spiritual service and devoting oneself to the others.

They showed me a machine inside a cavern in this place called Orea:  a person put his hand in this machine where a light scanned his hand and then a fluid comes out  in a glass, this fluid contains the exact type of nourishment that a person needs. They explained to me that many of us had already been living with them in others incarnations and they told me that in the spiritual center there is a Spiritual Science Academy: it was there where I was able to meet a female master called Amani, One  of the masters who guided me and oriented in my spiritual development till now.

When I returned to Planet Earth, as they anticipated to me, some ancient masters contacted me, they are Guardians of the Sacred Records of the True history of Planet Earth and  they are members of the Great White Brotherhood.

In Venus they told me and showed me that inside Lake Titicaca there is an intense spiritual activity from where these masters come.  Yes, these masters of the Great White Brotherhood  have their inner temple inside the Titicaca Lake.

P: I’m going to talk to him a minute because I know his contacts of Lake Titicaca. When he goes to contact them, does he disappear physically or is his essence taken at the bottom of the lake?

L: What makes my experiences different and particular is that my experiences are Physical Experiences.  I am talking about physical contact experiences and also the Masters are physical beings in another vibrational level.

I will send you some picture of UFOs. The inner retreats of the Grait White Brotherhood are very connected with the Confederation of the Worlds that contacts me

P: Alright. So it’s the Confederation of these human-type people that we’re talking about. Right?

L: Yes them and The Masters of the Great White Brotherhood.

P: Yes, but we’re talking about very spiritual….these aliens. We’re not talking about the reptilians and the greys and all those types…. So we have to make that clear to the people because  sometimes in America they do not know this.

L. Exactly. But what he was emphasizing is that there are also human-like Masters from the inner retreat that keep records on Earth and they represent the Planet Earth before the Confederation of World which is extraterrestrials. Okay? Extraterrestrials and people that live underground which are Spiritual Masters.

P: The underground people are in another dimension, though. Right?

L: There are two types of White Brotherhood Masters living underground on Earth. Two types, basically. There are the Ascended ones who live and manifest themselves in a light plane, and then there are the Guardians and Emissaries which are on the third dimensional , physicallly, but their level of consciousness is on the forth and fifth dimension. There is also another detail. We share the same physical space as extraterrestrials, but they live within this physical space in a fourth and fifth dimension.

P: So we can’t see them.

L: Yes, we can see them also in our physical level. That’s why we found remnants of construction on the moon, on Mars, on the moons of Jupiter, and in Venus. They share our same physical lane. The difference is that when we speak about dimensions we are also speaking about level or state of consciousness which is higher for them. They occupy a higher state of consciousness.

P: Okay. I’m going to ask him a question that everybody would ask. In his everyday life is he aware that they could be in the house or they could be close to him because he’s in a higher state of consciousness? Does he have that awareness that they could be sitting behind him now?

L: They respect our intimacy very much. But more than once in my life, some magical events happened. It’s like a magical hand always being assisting  and protecting me.

For instance I was in London with Martha, a special assistant whom you know, and I was crossing the Street without remembering that in London the vehicles circulation moves on the opposite way, so I didn’t realize a car was coming and suddenly it was about to hit me, but in that moment something magical happened because I reappeared about three meters or 50 feet behind in another location. Of course, Martha was very impressed with this event, but I experienced more than one event like this, there are many other anecdotes that I could tell. I am sure that not only me but all of us have beings overseeing us and protecting us until our mission is accomplished..

P: Yes, I want to ask him that last night here in my room…this is my room where I sleep…there were all kinds of noises when I was going to sleep and it was noisy, like I never heard before. And I really think that someone is warning us…in other words, we’re doing something important. Did you understand that? Can you tell me?

L: I’m convinced that the extraterrestrial guides opérate in a more direct way, they are more practical perhaps, they simply tell you:“come to the field,it is posible to have a contact”…Differently from them, the White Brotherhood Masters (that work with E.T. guides) are operating in a more subtle and discreet way, in a kind fashion. Their style is sweeter.

P: It’s more subtle he said. It’s more subtle, it’s more light. It’s more behind the scenes. Is that right?

Yes. It’s behind the scenes. Now I could talk to him all night because he has so much, but I know he’s doing conferences all over the United States and all over Europe. What I’d like to get to, and we can finish this, is what he hopes to accomplish and what the message is. And how much time we have. And is there a timing to this. Could you ask him that. Tell me, because we’re already at 10:35 and I have to run in about 10 minutes or so. But he’s doing these conferences all over the world, he has a mission, he has a message. But is there a timing to this?Yes. But ask him what the message is because I have to get that out.

L: They recommended me to create a continental platform which is formed by sacred and hightly energized places where the internal government of the White Brotherhood  can manifest externally; in these places we are already living experiences of Solar Activation and Initiation. I knew about what it’s happening in these sacred places when I was in Venus and inside the inner retreat of Lake Titicaca; the Masters told me about this energy network and that these places has been activated to live what they call the “ Further Preparation” that means “the conscious use of the energies”. In Venus they show me that energy, an energy that can also sustain our life here on Planet Earth using it properly. What is good for that civilization on Venus can also be very good for our civilization on Earth. That’s why they recommended me to create the exteriorization of the inner government  in this continental platform where we are working in three places that corresponds to  three vortices of energy that opérate as One  like a huge light spinal column. One of them is in Mount Shasta in North America; the second one is in the second-most important Mayan city which is Copan in Honduras, Central America; and the third center is in Wiñaymarka which is located in the Minor lake of Lake Titicaca. This is  an artificially-created lake, created centuries ago to protect the major temple of the ancient Lemurian period.  In this continental platform many groups are already living wonderfull contact experiences and Consciousness Awakening.

P: Okay. And this is the group that he is talking about, the initiated ones. But in 2014 can he give the general public an idea of what to expect in 2014?

L: 2014 is an exceptional year because it has to do with opening of the fourteenth portal which  rappresents the connection of Humanity with the Christic Energy, the same that will connects us with our interior reality.  This process begun  in 2012 where some of us did a triangulation journey to three different spots. One of these spots was to the highest mountain in Bolivia called Sajama. In August of 2012 we were a grupo of five persons who had very important experiences in the line forces that exist in this mountain: we realized that this line are activated and radiant, they are 20 times bigger than the Nasca lines. It is here where the Masters told us that the Planet Earth  was starting to vibrate one octave higher  in counsciousness where the Cristic Consciousness does manifest in its purest essence of Love. One of the best expression of love is Forgivness and this is what we are going t olive in 2014, an exeptional experience of releasing and forgivness. The 2014 is especially interesting because the cosmic energies in our planet Earth are activating EXONS, which are like erratic energy fields which produce altered states of consciousness and consequently states of lucidity. The Exons in Planet Earth are like the Exons in our DNA that are points capable to contain and transfer information. One of the most important Exon in this 2014 is located in the Salt Desert of Uyuni where the Masters invited us for the month of August.

The salt Desert of Uyun is the largest desert of salt in the world, 12000 km2.

The purpose for going to this place where there is so much salt is to live a purification process, to clean ourselves, just like we clean crystals with water and salt; in this Exon it’s posible to activate our DNA and reprogram it in one octave higher in consciousness.

P: But is he going to do anything on Shasta, or does it have to be in Bolivia?

L: In this case it will have to be in Bolivia and we particularly must focus our attention in the month of August. This calling was given by the extraterrestrial guides from the Confederation and also by the Masters of the Grait White Brotherhood who named this invitation The Meeting of Solar Convergence and Conciliation and  it will be also the opening of the Fourteenth Portal or the Call of Tunupa. Tunupa was considered the Andean God who gave the first values and laws in the Andean world.

P: Will this all be on his web site if I put this in the magazine? Tell him I have a problem with altitude. I have thalassemia minor, that’s why I haven’t come to Bolivia. I have Mediterranean anemia.

But it’s important, it’s the timing. Ask him “Is it  the timing. Because I could not do this four years ago. Today I can do that.

L: Interestingly, last night in one of the major TV channels of Bolivia, they showed the former Prime Minister of Canada talking about UFOs for our TV news.

P: Okay. Will you tell them I was invited to his 90th birthday party?

L: I recognize that you have gone on a sustaining, long-term mission and I recognize your work. We have many friends in common in Barcelona they let me know about your affection and I am always close to you.

Solar Convergence and Conciliation Gathering: The Definitive Aperture of the 14th Portal

Runas Antilis, Luis Fernando Mostajo MaertensAfter the extraordinary experience of August 2012 in the SAJAMA snowy peak -the highest in Bolivia, where in the 1980’s 80 lines of force were discovered converging on the mountain- I began to receive telepathic communications of the extraterrestrial beings that contact me. In these they told me that the planet would begin to activate EXONS (just as a set of EXONS is the CODIFYING REGION OF A GENE, on a planetary level they are the ones in charge of containing information and to codify it in our own DNA).

The EXONS are natural places of power where we find information but also a high vibratory energy and in them we usually find archaeological sites of unknown and millenary civilizations such as what we find in the “Salar de Uyuni” (the Uyuni salt Flats).

In these places in the current vibratory changing condition s of the planet, they exert Altered States people that approach them. This derives in moments of lucidity, above all in those on the path of their interior development.

One of these PLANETARY EXONS IS THE UYUNI SALT FLATS where satellite pictures uncover a kind of city buried by the salt in this desert in which geology presumes an antiquity of 50,000 years. The telepathic communications suggest that throughout the region information is being kept safe on the birth and splendor of Lemuria. It is an initiatic place in which- this year 2014- an evolutionary and ascension human and planetary cycle would come to a close.

Thus, just like we place a quartz crystal inside water with salt to cleanse it, the Uyuni Salt desert operates in us, as a great detonator and activator in our own DNA.

On this opportunity the guidelines suggest that there will be a great concentration of active geomagnetic energy within the salt flats in August, the months in which we were summoned to live that which the wise men (Amautas) and the extraterrestrial guides call “Meeting of Solar Convergence and Conciliation with the Definitive Opening of the 14th Portal” which represents the connection with our own Inner Christ.

It will therefore be a great opportunity to synchronize our biological clock of three dimensional linear time with the clock that now operates as a spiral on the Fourth Dimension and where we can find the Dodecahedron of Time devoid of planetary time.


PLACE: Uyuni Salt Flats

Rec: Luis Fernando

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