A note from Yasunao Chinen, Paola’s interpreter in Japan & a fun photo gallery!

From, Yasunao Chinen to Paola Leopizzi Harris
“You are a beacon of hope in this time of need for the truth.”
“Saturday, April 27th, Greg received ETI-related interpreting for the first time in 2 years. This time I will be giving a lecture by Paola Leopizzi Harris, who has a career as an investigative journalist for over 30 years and has published more than 6 cover books. Paola, who was responsible for multiple investigation retrievals of extraterrestrial organisms and spacecraft crashes with Mr. Jacques Vallee who is the co-author of their book together called: Trinity.

While I was unsure about what would come out of the mouth of a woman who has a tremendous amount of information and intelligence, I came to Japan and prepared to count on the original book translated into Japanese and the present materials I received two days ago.

When the lecture begins, the rest of the premonition that I speak slowly disappeared, and my friend who speaks with overflowing passion becomes longer, so I desperately took notes and mobilize the knowledge of the translation and translation I had previously been in charge of. But at the end of a 3 hour lecture, the beginning of a 3 hour talk is to mistake South America with South Africa for a simple word twice and finally correct it for the third time.

Her story of passion inspired me and made me love this field. I was impressed by the words “The time has come to read secondary sources of information (books) and make decisions for yourself, rather than online and cable TV shows. “I was a very careful and down to earth person to say “I’m not a rock star.” She recommended me her self written “All of the above and beyond” so I think I’ll read it. If there are publishers who want to translate in Japanese, let me know!”

Click on the above link to download the slide show

Thank you Japan!

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