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This video gives a short overview of the six courses that start on 2 September 2024 at the Exopolitics Institute. Video content: Courses in the Fall 2024 semester Disclosure may be around the corner. Are you ready? These courses will help prepare you. They are the result of decades of research. They start on 2 September 2024. Six courses are on offer. Exo101. Introduction to Exopolitics. The first course is the ‘Introduction to Exopolitics’ course. It is the foundation of the other courses. The course consists of three parts. In part 1, we look at the available evidence for an extraterrestrial presence. We validate the content of the evidence and assess the reliability of its sources. In part 2, we analyze observed patterns of extraterrestrial behavior. Four different types can be discerned. In part 3, we look at how governments have responded to this knowledge. Exo103. Best Evidence: Expert Witness Testimony In this course, expert witnesses share their experiences and insights in interviews that are not available elsewhere. Paola Harris presents disclosure interviews from “top level” people who discuss their personal involvement in the UFO Phenomenon. These people are mostly military, intelligence and ex- NASA personnel. Exo107. The Science, Politics, and Spirituality of Extraterrestrial Civilizations This is a more speculative course. It explores the technological and spiritual evolutionary paths of ET civilizations, and how this translates in their politics. Exo108. The Role of Hollywood & the Media in Disclosure This course discusses how Hollywood and the media have been preparing us for disclosure. The class will examine films, current TV shows, Sci Fi and print media in the advancing disclosure process. Exo109. Messages from Space: Past & Present Contact This course looks at the contact phenomenon, starting in the 1950s until today. It starts with the early days of contact and the messages given to early contactees. Then the course will shift to present day human alien contacts in both Italy and Latin America. Exo111. Introduction to Xenomethodology This course aims to build a framework for xenological and exopolitical studies. A first part of this course focuses on core concepts like truth, knowledge, methodology, etc. A second part of the course deals with logic, conditions, quantifiers, fallacies, and biases. A third part looks at existing methodologies and analyzes what could be useful for xenological and exopolitical studies.


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