Cynthia Sue Larson talks about Connecting The Dots, Making Sense of the UFO Phenomena

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Mar 3, 2024 #UAP #reality #consciousness – With world governments holding public and closed door hearings to discuss UFO and UAP disclosure recently, what have we learned? At this time of congressional hearings publicly discussing the topic of UFOs or UAPs, it seems clear that this topic is being taken seriously, yet there exists a greater need than ever before for clarity, discernment, and focus regarding what, exactly, we are acknowledging to be real and true. Author Paola Leopizzi Harris has been conducting interviews and writing articles on books on this topic for decades, talking with some of the most authoritative and knowledgeable experts. After witnessing some amazing artifacts and technologies, Harris notes that perhaps even more important than any such physical evidence or proof are the transformative ideas that have been shared. 

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