Paola Harris & Regina Meredith with Freddy Silva – Evidence of Giants in Sardinia

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Open Minds with Regina Meredith Evidence of Giants in Sardinia

Is there an ancient connection between Atlantis, giants and the history of a small island in Italy? Paola Harris and Freddy Silva join Regina Meredith in this first segment of a special three-part investigation, filmed on location, to explore the remnants of an ancient advanced civilization that once occupied the little-known island of Sardinia, Italy. All across the island we find thousands of stone structures, constructed hundreds of thousands of years ago, by a civilization lost to history, but remembered by local myths and legends. We explore ancient ruins too large for humans, examine the bones of giants found on the island, and explore the forbidden history of the lost giants of Atlantis who may have settled here after the great deluge.

Instructor/Host: Regina Meredith
Featuring: Paola Harris, Freddy Silva

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