Report…From Paola Harris Milan Italy

To All,

I am currently in the offices of Area  51 in Milan following the reunion of
Robert (Germany), Fredrik (Denmark) and Come Carpentier (India) with us and
James Fox OUT OF THE BLUE  last Sunday in Rome. It is exciting to be in the
vanguard of change! James Fox shared with us his plans for  Larry King Show
and Disclosure at the conference. It is unfortunate that we could not  have
worked together in this effort and it is unfortunate that Bud Hopkins
needed to attack other initiatives for I always believed ” we were all

A  “New World” View is  necessary to integrate  UFO  disclosure  and
Exopolitics into the mainstream media. It works!

Larry King Live is an example and as James Fox explained to us all in Rome.
We must proceed with ” credible witnesses” in baby steps: Sometimes we tend
to leap!

We had an important  exopolitical meeting during this conference and I will
provide the transcription with our suggestions and strategies for ”
networking” soon .

From Milano, Paola Harris, International Coordinator, Exopolitics Institute
Nov 9th, 2007

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