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“Many of Earth’s wisest mystics tell us that reality is a dream. As you can see in the movie THE MATRIX, it is possible for a child to bend a spoon with a thought. I know, because I watched my daughter bend a fork by simply placing it over her wrist. While she rested her right arm on the armrest of a chair, the fork slowly draped itself down to fit the curved form of her arm, like a custom-made bracelet.

“Switching to another reality feels a bit like changing television channels with a remote control, where the program is the reality we are in, and our thoughts and feelings are the remote control. We need to feel both intellectually detached enough to choose a different program from the one we’re in, and sufficiently emotionally energized to transmit our intention. In that state of relaxed, energized detachment (with aligned heart and mind), we can and do change the world.”

—Cynthia Sue Larson, from the March 2001 issue of RealityShifters 

Schumann Resonance enhances the body’s natural healing processes and reduces stress and inflammation. One study concluded that extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields (ELF-EMF) have promising effects on wound healing by effectively modulating various phases.


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