Interview with Micro-biologist Dr. Dan Burisch

From My book, How Does One Speak To A Ball Of Light?

Interview with Dan Burisch

It is no secret that the late Colonel Philip Corso thought that the beings from Roswell were a gift from the future. He said that the bodies contained “surveillance microchips “that reported back to the creators and he added that Pentagon was questioning who these creators were? Were they people like us? In his interview in this book, he sadly says that the alien body was the greatest gift, the most amazing discovery because it could travel in space and sustain itself with electro-magnetism.

Here Dan Burisch, a Micro-biologist who supposedly worked at S-4 on the Area 51 base gives us a reality that could read as a science fiction tale. Anyone who has personally interviewed Dan “face to face” can see he is sincere in recounting real episodes. I personally believe any interaction between alien civilizations with direct witness testimony is worth researching! However, my rule of thumb has always been to meet these people “face to face”, question them extensively and then watch their expressions. Some people are re-living their experiences and are not making them up.

In an article called: Psychology 101: ‘Talking face-to-face is best way to spot a habitual liar say psychologists! –Daily Mail, Sunday, January 14, 2007. In this article, this very principle was emphasized. “Research has shown that people are reluctant to lie when speaking to someone else — perhaps because they feared they would be more easily caught out, either by their body language or tone of voice.” I found this to be true of Charles Hall and Dan Burisch.

Unfortunately, the Dan Burisch case is filled with controversy; much the same controversy that I encountered around the Michael Wolf Kruvante case on which I worked for two years, with a series of seventy audio-tapes and four long extended visits. The irony is that some main Burisch researchers vouch for Dan because they spent time with him in person and were able to question him but deny that Michael Wolf deserves the same consideration and have been outspoken debunkers of his testimony.

We can see the value of real field research here, although it requires money and considerable time. Both these men worked at Area 51, in particular S-4 facility. Both talk of stargates; both were interfaces for alien guests; both were scientists and both were given permission to reveal their involvement, although some room was left for” plausible deniability” of which I spoke previously. That is how it seems to work. Write a book of science fiction, put in fact, as Michael Wolf did, so one can deny your direct involvement and hide the truth in- between the lines.

The Dan Burisch case was first researched by William Hamilton and then by Linda Mouton Hall, two expert researchers. It was my curiosity and my drive to “Connect the Dots” that led me to Las Vegas twice to interview Dan. It was a pleasure on both occasions as he is a very honest, open and clear in his answers. He just wants to” Tell the World” and he does it on his DVD with the same title produced by his friend and Maj-12 sanctioned adviser, Marcia McDowell. She is very important to the story so I asked her for personal information. This is the job description that Marcia McDowell provided to me. “I am pretty much a life long friend of Dan and his family, who was formally sworn into Majestic as an operative at the end of 2003 and immediately assigned, per Dan’s request, to serve as Dan’s operations director, became responsible for all formal and informal operations, research, communications and publications for Dan and the team. Now, I am permanently dispatched to Dan and the family, to carry on my role in our continuing research.

Dan Burisch, Pippin, Marcia McDowell and Paola Harris

Dan Burisch, Pippin, Marcia McDowell and Paola Harris

This is customary, in Majestic, for somebody to be assigned to an individual who has held a J-number. Dan sat as J-9 for a short tenure, and so if ever called to testify before the U.S. Congress he could do so in a capacity as a former member of the Majestic. For that reason I am permanently working in a variety of capacities for Dan and his family.

I thank William Hamilton who wrote the book about this case called Project Aquarius for the first opportunity, as we drove all day from Laughlin, in 2006, to this scheduled meeting together. Both Dan and Marcia have been honest, cordial and full of information that will stimulate thinking on the part of the reader. “The so-called ufology community has been creating as much mess around me as they can, for a few years now. It won’t stop and I am not trying to either convince them or court them.”

In Las Vegas with Micro-biologist Dr. Dan Burisch

Paola: Dan, tell us, what is your mission? What are your primary concerns?

Dan: Currently I have three main issues on my plate:

  1. The Disclosure debriefing going to the public, which has been ordered by the Majestic 12
  2. A major biomedical concern, and
  1. Continuing my research into Project Lotus.

Other items of ongoing consideration and work are: two books (one underway and one soon to be) and probable music DVDs.

Paola: Every time I hear S-4 mentioned on the secret (not so secret) Area 51 base, I think of Michael Wolf and Bob Lazar who claimed they worked there.

Dan: From the standpoint of Mr. Lazar’s description of the S-4 Galileo Bay (4-1), he was accurate but with much less detail than will be presented by us in the up-coming DVD. I have seen and interacted on all four main floors, have seen all four sub-floor access levels and have interacted in three of those four. Should he (Mr. Lazar, or anyone else for that matter) have claimed to have removed any E115 (Element 115) from S-4, that would be an inaccurate statement as NOTHING ever gets out of S-4, except us poor SAP workers…and sometimes not even those!

Paola: Please discuss your work with the creature we call J-Rod. Why was he named that? Was he really a time traveler – and from where?

Dan: Yes, Chi’el’ah (the J-Rod) was from the future…roughly 52,000 years from present. They use time-travel technology to skip and hop in and out of time periods, from a base in the Aquarius Constellation: Gleise 876C. That is the origin of the name for Project  Aquarius. That is why they identify themselves as J-Rods, as Gleise 876C is closest to 15 light years from here. The staging base cuts down on time travel acquisition. The J-Rod identified himself to the Sigma Linguistics Team numerically, as he pointed to an  “inertial bar” drawing and a J from the alphabet.

The name J-Rod is therefore descriptive and sums to 15, as a bar in the Mayan number system equals five and the tenth place in the alphabet is a J. The concept of Time Travel is a difficult one. The moral of its (time travel’s) story is that every trip furthers a paradox. For instance, Chi’el’ah visited earth in 1973 and, in a subsequent visit, crashed near Kingman, Arizona, in 1953!

Paola: It is important to add that Ryan Wood’s new book, Majic Eyes Only, talks of the Kingman Arizona crash with some missing aliens. What did J-Rod look like?

Dan: Attached is a drawing I did of the J-Rod a few years ago. We are working on the first DVD as quickly as humanly possible. He had large, expressive eyes and had what seemed like oil oozing from his pores. Attach the likeness I just sent to a crouched, two-legged, large-footed being, with rough, oil-exuding skin, four long toes and four long fingers on each…and you will have a pretty good likeness. He was very ill and it was my job to do tissue extractions, in the Clean Sphere area, with a needle that had a suction device. This was extremely painful for  the J-Rod and I seemed to feel his pain also while  performing this extraction.

Paola: I heard him called the “Puppet Master” somewhere in my research. Is this true?

Dan: I never personally heard the J-Rod at S4 called the Puppet Master, while I was in charge of the working group. I may have heard something like it in a conversation, early in my work with Majestic, but am not really sure. They usually referred to him as “Stump.” I have heard him called “Brightly” and, I believe, “Bright Eyes.” I never met the J-Rod at Los Alamos; that would be Bill Uhouse’s account. Three J-Rods were in the Kingman Crash: one a present-plus-52,000-years J-Rod, named Chi’el’ah, who was taken to S4 (he’s the one I met); one a present-plus-45,000-years J-Rod, who was taken to Los Alamos  (presumed to be the one met by Bill Uhouse), and one a present-plus-45,000-years J-Rod, dead at the crash scene. (Bill Uhouse drawing below).

Paola: Were you told not to communicate with him?

Dan: Yes! But that was impossible for they, from the outside, could not control what or how he was transmitting to me. Th e J-Rod communicated by electromagnetic entrainment; he would “thump” the target (in this case me) with probe signals until he could bring his frequencies into a match with my own. He did it in much the same way as dolphins use their acoustic melons. As he would probe, it would feel like I could fall into his eyes. This is the way the present-plus-45,000 years J-Rods sedate individuals as well, during abductions. They entrain to endorphin response and the auditory center, so while they are relaxing a person bio-chemically, they are telling them (in their own internal sounding voice) to relax. During the time with Chi’el’ah (the J-Rod) he could entrain so that I would feel as though I was actually in the scene and participating in the emotions he was feeling, while he was showing me (for example) where he worked in Gleise. When he would just directly “speak” with me, I could hear my own self-talk (private thought) voice, yet it was clearly of a differing cadence and with different language usage, than my own. He showed me his home planet and talked of his family and the fact that he had a son and missed him. The reason why I pushed was an act of friendship; he had a right to go home, and his mandated stay time had well passed. He asked me to go home. I agreed. He said a couple other things but…well…he wanted to go home to see his son before the crossing is completed. We are not sure how the time re-stacking is going to play out…and he just wanted to see his boy.

Paola: This must be very difficult to understand, especially since it is a time traveler and they could even be “us” from the Future! What does this say about our reality?

Dan: Simply put, as each increase in the paradox occurs, more layers are added into our reality. When we reach the point, after transition, above the plane of our home galaxy, the “cards” are to be re-stacked and the paradox alleviated. Th e 45,000-years-from-present J-Rods want a catastrophe to be visited upon us as, should it, then our species will be split along logical J-Rods and spiritual (Orions) lines. By the time 52,000 years from [the]present arrives, the 45,000-years-from-present J-Rods will have been subsumed in their society with their ideologies becoming nonexistent. So, to them, a catastrophe will justify their existence. As it stands, should no catastrophe occur (the prevention of which is what we are working toward), the J-Rods may be “re-stacked” (if you will) and possibly wink out of existence, become a non-human-lineage species, or remain as they are with the advent of a new paradox.

Paola: Where is J-Rod now? What happened to him?

Dan: This is where the stargates come in. Some are natural places on this earth and some are artificially created. We created an artificial one in the Egyptian desert, with the knowledge of the Egyptian government. J-Rod was brought there in a stroller and when I heard his plea to return to his family I became instinctive and pushed him through the stargate. I pushed the J-Rod and really didn’t see him go in. It just happened as I pushed forward. After that I was “just elsewhere.” I haven’t a clue where, but I was found.

Paola: Can you elaborate on these stargates and the “Looking-Glass” project? Colonel Corso would describe electromagnetic pillars to me, in the New Mexico Desert, and he said that when they were activated, they would create stargates and things from other time dimensions could come through.

Dan: First, may I start by indicating that I am no mechanical engineer, physicist, or draftsman. The attach image has been composed from memory and is pieced together using existing imagery. The image on the left depicts what the Looking-Glass appeared like during its slow rotation phase, and on the right during its full operation phase. The objects above the Looking-Glass were cameras, which appeared to be oval disks for intense light collection and recording, and what looked like a geodesic dome above the device, for audio recording. The Looking-Glass was composed from original diagrams for stargate devices, based from ancient cylinder seals. I should in no way better describe the modified (from the Looking-Glass description) stargate devices themselves, but safe to say they were based on the more general features used in the Looking-Glass. It is true that pillars of the general description, by Corso, are used to “tune in” ERBs, and that tuning is directed toward a stargate device slightly tilted between them. During the present time (2003) return of Chi’el’ah (the present-plus-52,000-years J-Rod) to Reticulum ca. present-plus-52,000-years, I did see three pillars, with golden spheres on top of them, and an apparent geodesic-like cage around the spheres. I should not describe accessory equipment. Two pillars were to the front, with one pillar behind the tilted stargate device. I could only see the third pillar when standing off to one side of the device’s area, as the area between the two pillars, in front of the titled stargate device, was filled with a murky grey oval, which constituted the event area. Both the working Looking-Glass and the activated stargates [had], I noticed, a very pungent ozone odor. In the Looking-Glass room, once it was activated, it felt and appeared like we were into a round or oval


room, even though the room was generally rectangular. It was as though, even though we could see the corners of the room, the space in the room was being bent around the central, activated, bright pearl-white


glowing core. At times it pulsed and I saw a blue shimmer around it. The activated stargate/portal in Egypt looked dense grey. I was slightly light-headed near it, and even though I could see the oval periphery of the “gate,” there was a palpable sensation of a thick “bubble” of electrostatic energy around it. My clothes were clinging with static energy. After encountering it with Chi’el’ah, then finding myself sitting nearby on a slab, I found it very difficult to walk and coordinate. This sensation lasted for days. When I turned corners in hallways, I would sometimes over-compensate and strike the corner of the hallway. At other times I would under-compensate, making too wide of a turn, then feel dizzy.

Paola: In my interviews with Contactees, they say that beings sometimes seem to manifest from a stargate with a shimmering blue light.

Dan: About The Looking Glass technology image: The blue shimmering is around, not inside it. Yes, I believe the blue was created by ozone gas as a byproduct of the interaction between the electricity and the air. If one looks in the center, it is a cloudy white. Yes, there was some shimmering before the light becomes intense inside the stargate device, but not when I saw It was already engaged and flat gray; no shimmering. When something comes out of it, it just manifests or is it out of focus, then it just walks through. I’ve never seen anything come through, aside from an early experiment where a person died (at S4), 1994ish.

Paola: What agreements do these aliens have with humanity? I heard that we split off into two groups after some catastrophe: the J-Rods and the Orions, who are not that positive.

Dan: What I know as true: There are two sets of treaties, T-9s, which involve the 45/52 J-Rods, the 52 Orions and us and the OF9s, which involve the 52 J-Rods, 52 Orions, and us. Normally, when I mention a J-Rod, I am thinking of the one with which I intera

cted, a present-plus-52,000-years. [Readers Note: these would be those J-Rods from 52,000 years in our future.] The present-plus-52,000-years do not usually audibly speak language, but can make ‘vestigial’ language sounds. The one I was with had lost the ability altogether. The present-plus-45,000-years J-Rods can [those J-Rods from 45,000 years in our future] audibly speak language, to a very limited degree.

Paola: Dan, what do you want to happen with your story? I know you prefer to work in the field of Microbiology and you just want to finish this, your mandate to disclose the truth!

Dan: For my personal sake (and my personal peace), before adjournment, the former MJ-1 ordered that my public discussions of my history must not extend past approximately September 2007. He ordered this to protect me – and to make sure I will be available to attend the 60th. Anniversary party of the establishment of Majestic, to be held “somewhere” on the East Coast, September 2007! That’s what he told me! But, I will tell everyone straight right now – it won’t go that long! I have absolutely no interest in speaking publicly (whether by radio or in person) anyway. I have no interest in popularity or playing any PR games! I’ll leave that to other people who are interested in such matters. I am fulfilling what I must do, then moving on with my life, research, and publications. I understand that certain things are being programmed in order for me to fulfill my Level 1 orders, and the important spread of this information, so while I am honored by them, I am personally “putting up with” interviews. I find no pleasure in publicity – none. I am, by nature, a researching recluse. That won’t change.

Paola: But Marcia is helping by putting out your DVD briefing, which is on my website: www. /  It is called Tell the World and it appropriately lets the viewer decide because you are telling your own story, instead of ha

ving some reporter misinterpret it.

Dan: Yes, that’s true. We finally got that done ourselves. Bill Hamilton is among the very best of investigators and has a book on my story called Project Aquarius, so that is out. But we are planning:

        • a probable book on the emanation of the Solfeggio
        • a possible biography
        • a highly probable new Eagles book
        • a continued publication of background debriefing materials via DVDs with anticipated Community Questions DVD
        • a highly probable Lotus DVD prior to a possible book on the subject of evolution
        • other research publications or books
        • tonal relaxation/healing DVDs and CDs

    This (God willing I live that long) may go on for years! (I hope I live that long!) None of this, though, indicates in any way my willingness to come out in the public and be exposed to the continual circus. That won’t happen.

    Paola: I do not blame you. Our own researchers tend to crucify “whistleblower” testimony. I know you have been threatened, so how public do you wish to be?

    Dan: You may make this public however you want, if you wish. Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy (, they informed Marcia and myself, last Thursday, that they recently interviewed and filmed John Lear, and that he (according to them) “confirmed” me on video; that he is “convinced” or “knows” that I have been to S-4. I thought that bit of information may be of interest to you. They also interviewed me on film. Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy will certainly be sharing with the general public, so we avoid the political issue altogether. They are delightful people. We did th

    Paola: I just posted your DVD on my website because I believe that after all the trouble you had with journalists, people should go to the source to hear the truth.

    Dan: I have just agreed, wi

    Dan Burisch, Paola Harris, and Ross Hemsworth

  • th Marcia, on a totally separate issue, to give condensed disks away, the bulk amount from about 100 hours of my debriefing, FREE to media and investigators. My intention is I just want the message out.

  • e taping in their hotel room. The taping occurred over the 15-16 July, 2006, weekend! My intention is just getting the message out!

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