Message to Humanity: Interview with Ricardo González in Argentina

Ricardo Gonzales

“The messages of  “the Beings” are very precise and they have the elements to verify them. There is a hopeful future but some old structures have to transform themselves. What I would say to people is not to be afraid because fear is the antithesis of love. And fear paralyzes and does not allow us to make the right decisions. We have to open our consciousness to react according to that and to create a better future for us all. Extraterrestrials may support us but they will never solve our problems. The real contact is with ourselves.”

R: Ricardo              G: Giorgio Piacenza              P: Paola

P: Hola  Ricardo. I will be printing  this interview in X-times Magazine  in Italy, but there are few media outlets in the USA for this interview.  I can see that you  understand English very well?

R: For me it is better speaking my language. My speech is not for reading a book, you know. But for this interview it is better for me to be speaking in  my language.

P: Okay. No problem. I want to tell you something before we begin. I am doing research on human-type aliens so that I can dispel the commercialized brainwashing in the United States that the only aliens are the gray abduction scenarios. For us in the United States we had contact with human-type aliens but it was in the 1950s. It was the group of Adamski, Van Tassel, Howard Menger, Orfeo Angelucci…you know, those people met people. The Extraterrestrials are people. And then after that the abduction scenario took over. And there is nothing, nothing in the UFO conferences or anywhere in the literature that talks about human aliens. Just one. And that is Billy Meier. I have been to Smidruti, Switzerland and I have seen Billy Meier, and I have studied the case with Wendelle Stevens, and it is real. Those were people and they were real, and the pictures are real because I talked to Wendelle Stevens,  who has passed away, who investigated the story and I went to see Billy Meier and I saw a lot when I was there. So that is the only story, Ricardo, with human-type aliens. So I had to come to Latin America. Do you understand?

R: Yes.

P: So you understand why I’m doing this?

R: I love your work, Paola. I know your work. You’re very important right now.

P: I must write in English. So go ahead and talk about your story.  First, I will ask you about your early contact.

G: He says that he will speak in Spanish because he connects with his feelings better in his language.

P: Okay, okay. No problem.

R: Thank you very much, Paola. I know your purpose and I know that your work is connected with Dr. Michael Salla whose purpose is also to connect with the extraterrestrial contacts. I am informed of everything that is going on in the U.S. Ufology and I have read the Exopolitical books including all of your works.

P: Thank you.

G: Now that we’re taking a little break.

P:  Oh, my God, you’ve got  my book Exopolitica in Spanish

R:  I tried not to remain fixed upon my own contact testimony and I’m trying to research other contact testimonies for many years. I placed everything in doubt, including my own contact experience, due to trying to achieve a healthy-type of common sense. The point is that in Latin American, there have been many, many contacts with humans looking like extraterrestrials and these experiences have not been known in the U.S. This is the reason why we made these programs, we contacted Michael Salla and we would have liked to have made them with Paola. In order to verify not only that the contact is real with specific dates and times, but also the feelings surrounding these contacts.  I’ve had experiences of contact with these beings since I was very little but began to become conscious about them in my adult life.

P: I need to know the age and how the contact was. Was it mental? Did you see something?

R: My first mental contact was at the age of 18 or 19. Before that I had had dreams and had seen lights in the sky. But mental contact started at 18 or 19. I was not part of a contact group before that, and at that time I was studying statistics for a marketing career.

P: Wait one minute. I want you to tell him that when I interviewed Luis Fernando, the night before I interviewed him, I had a lot of noise in my bedroom.  Last night the phone rang but it didn’t ring…but I heard it ringing in my room and there was paranormal activity before I interviewed him.

G: This happened when you interviewed Fernando?

P: Yes, there was noise, but before Ricardo, last night my phone rang at 2 in the morning, but it was not a real phone. I heard it ringing, but it was not….2 o’clock in the morning. Okay? So, paranormal activity was happening here before I interviewed you And I know that something was trying to talk to me last night.

R:  I want to say something before we continue with my account. I believe that you, Paola, are also part of a program that has to do with the intentions of these beings of giving a more positive message. I think that you are going to discover this on your own because you are a very intelligent, sharp person. I was saying that I have had experiences as a child, but in that context when I studying for a career…back then when I was studying, that’s when the mental messages came. The message said, “Don’t stop searching. We are extraterrestrial beings getting in touch with you and further on, you will be able to see us physically.” I had had a more rational upbringing. My father was a computer information expert and my mother was a banking officer, so I didn’t take it quite seriously then. But something inside of me told me that this was an authentic situation and then another message came through inviting me to go to the rooftop of my house. I was accompanied by my family to the rooftop and suddenly a red-colored object of an intense red, appeared in the sky. At first only my brother Pepe was with me and then my father and mother came up with my sister, Mariella. So the entire family was there. The newspaper, El Comercio, which is a conservative, serious newspaper, reported that there had been a UFO appearing that night, which is very rare, I might add. The date was October of 1993, I remember well.

P: Is that in Peru?

G: Peru, yes. Lima, Peru, and that’s where Ricardo met me.

P: Oh, okay.

G: Six years ago. I told him how wrong he was on some things.

P: But the reason why I asked him is that we’re talking to him in Argentina right now, so for the people that are reading this, they don’t know what he’s doing in Argentina.

R: Well, I’m living in Argentina now because my partner is from Argentina. She is from Argentina with an Italian background. She accompanies me around the globe and for many years she has been with me. After the sighting in 1993, I tried to reproduce the contact and that’s when I found there were some meditation techniques that could help. And I could repeat the reception of the messages and there were more appearances of these objects, the UFOs, and other friends from the neighborhood came with me and the contacts were happening. Interestingly, these contacts took place in the same area where the Rahma contacts had been going on, which is in the desert of Chilca.

P: Now the Rahma contact is also the one from Sixto Paz or…the Rahma group…where is the basis for that…is that the Sixto Paz group or is that Luis Fernando’s group?  Okay…okay.

R: It is important for you to understand. Rama is the group that started with the brothers, Carlos, and Sixto Paz. That Mission Rama, or Rama contact group, existed as a structured organization from 1974 to 1991, and then it was officially disbanded., with the people participating, but not as an official, registered organization.

P: I think he also said initiation group… a spiritual initiation?

R: No. It was not an initiatic group. It was a contact group with the extraterrestrials. Perhaps with Luis Fernando, he deals with this in a more initiatic way. Even though Mission Rahma ceased as a structure, an official group, an organization in 1991, the people continued gathering and meeting and having experiences, and I have met them since then. I did not participate in Mission Rahma while it was an organization with Luis Fernando and Sixto, but then I participated with Mission Rama after that stage when it was more independent. However, I am related with that contact agenda because it has to do with the same beings.

P: But I need from this point, when he says “same beings.” I need him to describe the beings.

R: After the third mental contact and the programmed sightings, the physical contact ensued, or took place. The first experiences (that were) needed to become acquainted with these beings were through dimensional doors. It was a term called “Xendra” that the Paz brothers made popular and “Xendra” refers to portals in time.

P: Okay.

R: My only fear is that the Xendra are more like virtual holograms and not completely physical. I have experienced them many times and I don’t think that they are completely physical, but I have heard other experiencers saying that they have traveled to different places and my opinion is that that happened because they have no reference point to compare. But when I underwent physical contacts with these beings that had landed, and I was even able to touch them, or when I was inside their spacecraft physically, then I realized that it was a different experience from the Xendra.  In my eighth physical contact  (it was) not with a Xendra portal , but physical contact, I saw that these beings were very, very tall. They were human in appearance, yes…but very tall, probably around 7½ to 8 feet tall. The main extraterrestrial being that contacted me identified himself as Antarel.”

P: Yes, I’ve read that part. Did he have on a one-piece space suit when he saw him? And did he have dark-colored hair or blond-colored hair?

R: He had an overall metallic one-piece suit, tight-fitting around the body, tight-fitting overall.

P: But was he blond or…?

R: No folds in the suit or vestment or whatever…Only the face and hands were uncovered by this suit…or were visible. But also his hair was so light blond that it was almost platinum white.

P: It was almost transparent? Was it almost transparent? But his hair…was it a blond transparent, almost platinum, right? Platinum blond?

R: It was light blond, a very light platinum blond. Not transparent. Very, very, very fine.

P: And very straight…

R: Like Barbie-doll hair.

P: Very straight?

R: And very fine, almost like angel hair.

P: What color were his eyes?

R: Like light brown, honey-colored. White skin with a Nordic appearance and like a sharp, thin, athletic appearance in general.

P: Athletic build.

R: Athletic build and a slightly pointed chin.

P: Do people ever ask to take pictures of these people, just for curiosity?

R: I have wanted to take pictures of the crews of these craft but they have not allowed me. They have only allowed me to take pictures of their craft during approach, when they come closer. I asked them, “Why don’t you allow me to take your pictures?” And they summarized it in three points. First, because they are not allowed to according to their protocol; it would be affected if they allowed humans….

P: I think he’s gone…Oh, okay. Number one, because it affects their protocol. You were going to give me three reasons. Number one, because it affects their protocol. Number two? I can’t hear you any more..

G: (In Spanish) I call.

P: Giorgio, did I understand? Number one, because it affects their protocol.  Is there a number two and a number three he was saying? Do you want me to turn the video off?

G: Okay. No, it’s fine. It seems to be working now.

P: Okay, he said number one was because it affects their protocol. Was there a number two and a number three?

R: The second reason is that some of them can seem even more human than they normally do, and they don’t want to be detected among humans of Earth, especially around military bases and other activities like that. Not because they are collaborating with the government and military, but because they are monitoring things and that we are going to harm ourselves. Number three is that if they allowed me to take their pictures or gave me their pictures, I would be in danger.

P: Yes. I can understand that. I understand.

R: As I was saying, throughout these years I have seen them physically eight times and on two occasions after mutual agreement, I went inside their ships. The last time was in Mount Shasta in the year 2012, and the host was Antarel, the being that is normally in contact with me. What else would you like to know?

P: Okay. So he’s talked about the physical contact in Mount Shasta. Now let’s talk about the purpose, the message.

R: I have been studying the message of these beings for many years and comparing it with that of other beings that have transmitted the message to other witnesses. In my personal case, I am in contact with a group of extraterrestrial beings that do not come with negative purposes. They are a species of cosmic sociologists and anthropologists, and this is one of the reasons why they chose Latin America, to contact Latin American people who are obviously highly educated persons from …

P: I need eventually to know where these people come from, so he’ll have to give me a place or something. I don’t see his face any more.

G: Yes, yes. He disappeared. We got disconnected.

P: Oh, he’s on. I can tell he’s on. I need to know the place eventually. Is it a place or is it a dimension?

R: If they had contacted highly educated persons from Europe and the U.S., maybe they would have a different contact perspective, which would be less sensitive and open due to this being a different culture. Why is that important?

P: It’s also because of a heart connection. Is it a heart connection?

R: Yes, it’s very important to have a heart connection. This is also very important for these beings because they need it…they need to have a heart connection like that. They are not just interested in a mental contact or a technological contact but in an emotional and feeling contact. Heart-based. Because that kind of heart-based contact is what can allow them to grow the most. And we help them to grow in this way and they are also helping us to grow, evolve. The complex thing about contacteeism is that it is everything in the universe and that they have different agendas. But I think that we are all basically in agreement that our world is in a quarantine situation and under observation. But obviously we know that there are vested interests that are trying to confuse people and to promote a fearful aspect of contact. This is why, in my humble opinion, the situation about abduction, the grays, and military has been exaggerated. It has also become a commercial…

P: It’s more of a business. In a sense it is  what Dr. Greer refers to as ”retail Ufology”. Giorgio ask Ricardo because everybody will want to know, that I need to ask him where these people come from.

R: It’s a very complex subject at this time. Many people say they come from Andromeda, but Andromeda is a galaxy and also a constellation. It’s very big. Or they come form Orion or they come from Pleiades. The Pleiades again is a big constellation, Orion too. They might come from a physical universe, but is it in the same frequency as ours, as we are…or do they come from different dimensions. But in my case they told me that the key place where these beings are contacting me is Mintaka…Mintaka star from the Orion constellation.

P: Okay. So do you think they are in a parallel universe and you reach the frequency, and that’s why you can communicate with them?

R: I am convinced that it is a parallel universe and that this parallel universe is also a physical universe. But these beings also explained to me that they have a base of operations in Alpha Centauri among other places.

P: Yes. Did they explain to you why they chose you?

R: This is a good question.

P: Okay. Well, I’m a good journalist.

R: Hopefully I don’t consider myself a special person. And sincerely I don’t understand why they chose me because there are many things about it and about the situation that I don’t understand. Perhaps they thought that through my testimony they could reach a greater collective, greater group of people. Since I was fired from my job because of a television appearance, I have dedicated myself to traveling around the world and to share this testimony.

P: Okay. So he was fired from his job because of a television appearance. And they thought he would be the best representative of this contact…is that why?

R: Yes, but I was willing to do it because I thought that it was very important.  Then I received some mental communications that told me that there would be a UFO wave in Peru during the first month of 1999. This UFO wave took place and then I was interviewed on TV in different TV shows. This forced the Peruvian Air Force to open the UFO Research Office for the first time.

And during one of these TV interviews is when I was fired from my job because everybody had seen it.

P: What was your job at the time?

R: I was selling prescription drugs for an international laboratory, doing medical….

P: You was a medical representative….(pharmaceutical representative)…a salesperson for the drug company.

R: And since then I have been traveling around the world, sharing my testimonies with nuclear physicists and pilots from different places in the world, etc. I subjected myself to psychiatric testing in life and thank goodness, it went well.

P: Other than Mount Shasta, where in the United States have you come?

R: I went to many places in the U.S., but obviously due to the experiences I have had, Mount Shasta is my favorite one.

P: But he’s never spoken at conferences. He has never been invited to conferences here?

R: I have received many emails showing interest for me to go to their conferences, but at the very last minute I have been withdrawn from the list of speakers, including the UFO Congress in Nevada.

P: No, it takes somebody like me to do it. I have to do it. Okay. The thing is…I want to say a couple of things to Ricardo. Number 1, it’s a matter of timing, it was not his time; and number 2, he was chosen because he has the language of the heart, not the language of rationalization of the brain. Can you tell him that?

R: He says that you are a very extraordinary woman and very generous with him.

P: Tell him that he needs to give me time,  that it’s all a matter of time…the right time and we will do something.

R: The right time, the right time.

P: Ricardo, because the people need to digest the information and not just to hear it. Can you tell him that?

R: I totally agree with what you are saying. He says that his experiences allowed him to visit 40 different countries, even countries in which they don’t speak Spanish…he was translated. We have been on different TV programs and millions of people have seen them. We have even been on the Discovery Channel but unfortunately not always have they been precise, exact about what we have said. Can you hear me?

P: You’re breaking up but I understood.

G: He (Ricardo) said, I have the sensation that the messages from these beings has been blocked in the U.S.

P: Okay. You have to tell him that because the people do not understand that there are human-type aliens. They think it’s channeling, they think it’s all these other things that are not valid, that they are verifiable things. They are not used to the human/alien messages,  that they are like us.

(Breaking up)

P: It looks like somebody is monitoring this.

G: Yes.

P: I want to tell him that the mentality in the United States is that his contact is not valid, it’s some kind of weird channeling or something. Because we do not have a culture of human-type aliens.

R: Yes. I am still respectful of all kinds of contact that might have been taking place, but after participating in some conferences around the world, I would suggest prudence. Prudence with channeling that in many cases has become more like an issue of faith.

P: Yes. But does he understand that it’s hard for the people here to believe there’s any other aliens but the gray abduction aliens? So, somebody like me has to lay the groundwork for them.

G: He wants to say something to you, Paola.

P: Okay. I can’t see him. He’s just fixed on the screen.

G: It’s okay, don’t worry.

R: You want to research it and you will understand what I am about to tell you. You met Allen Hynek and you know how all of this started. The first contact took place with human-looking beings and the messages were positive. The first contact took place in the 1940s and 1950s at that pattern. But since the world powers and the U.S. Air Force began to research this subject, the situation began to change and be slanted. And all of these independently of the Roswell case and Philip Corso’s reports, and other cases that we know about, and cases besides those cases. Obviously there is everything in the universe but the key countries like the U.S. were blocked so that the truth about these issues would not be known. Those of us who were contacted by these human-looking beings could not reach the American culture but the ETs had another plan, a “B” plan.

P: Plan B. Okay.

R: And then I started receiving messages, which were different. During these messages I was informed that Dr. Michael Salla and Paola Harris were part of this plan to try to raise the awareness of what’s going on in this culture. This is the reason why I purchased Dr. Salla’s book and also your books, Paola, to try to understand how people thought and what was going on. And this is why the program contact with Michael Salla, the sightings took place in Mount Shasta. The idea did not originate with me, but with Giorgio Piacenza, and then I asked the extraterrestrials, and it flowed.

P: It was okay.

R: It was okay. Thus I think that the right context is being gradually created for the message to become acceptable in the United States and other parts of the world as well.

P. I believe that it must be done with field research, Do you understand … One must travel  and investigate in person.

R: I identify myself with your position because I also consider myself a field researcher. I have performed expeditions in which no other researcher has been there before. But I believe that if the extraterrestrials allowed Mr. Salla to be in these sightings and be involved, it’s because he is doing something right also. Now it depends on Michael Salla to find the balance and awareness of what he underwent, what he experienced in order to value this situation.

P: Tell him that I respect Dr. Michael Salla very much.  He inspired me to enter into Exopolitics. But our intention must be pure. Correct?

R: This was what my soul partner told me…”You are going to meet Paola. She is going to interview you

P: Because I just work for “them.” But I have had no experience.

R: You are wrong. All of us work for the same persons, but not all of us necessarily must have a physical experience.

P: Okay. I have very little tape left in the recorder. Can we go to what he believes will happen in the future and what the message is? Give me some ideas of what 2014 holds and what message would he tell the people of Earth? What message?

R: Number 1: That the world is not going to be in ruins or be destroyed but rather it is reconfiguring  itself. I was the first critical voice in the year 2012 situation. Not only that it was not going to be a catastrophe, but rather that we were not going to be transferred into the fourth dimension and all our problems would be over. I was critical of that.  The Beings told us that the year 2012 was the beginning of a cycle of gradual connection with another reality, which included this cosmic community.  This time frame will last for about 400 years which coincides with the 14th Cycle of the Mayans. But the first 13 years, until 2025, will be key important years for this contact to be well established. And during this period of time, during this transit we might have to face intensely difficult situations in the world.

I am currently writing my thirteenth book about this situation, which is evolving, and it also involves the Vatican. I am basing this book on the messages from the extraterrestrial contacts. The messages of “the Beings” are very precise and they have the elements to verify them. There is a hopeful future but some old structures have to transform themselves. What I would say to people is not to be afraid because fear is the antithesis of love. And fear paralyzes and does not allow us to make the right decisions. We have to open our consciousness to react according to that and to create a better future for us all. Extraterrestrials may support us but they will never solve our problems. The real contact is with ourselves. Right? That is my message.

Books by Ricardo Gonzalez

P: Everyone says that everything looks negative, but is it a matter of reincarnation where people are in their evolution for what they will be doing?

R: I’m going to respond to you in a way we have phrased that these beings gave us some time ago. They said there is more good than evil in the world, but evil is better publicized.

P: Beautiful, beautiful. All right. This is fine. This is great. I’ll have it transcribed, and published in X-Times in Italy. There is little media outlet for this material in the United States.

R: Yes, I know. I’m sad to hear this but you have our support and “their” support.

P: I know. So, tell him that it is all a matter of timing. In November of this year I will be in Torino, and I will speak about you and Sixto Paz and Luis Fernando. But my job is the United States.

R: I know, I know. Do you need any pictures for the magazine, images for the article that I can send Italy?

P:  Thank you Giorgio for translating. You are helping bring the Spanish / English translation to the world. I could never do this without you. And I need their help. Because you know my intention. It’s not about me or any  commercial venture but  I wish to know the truth and facilitate disclosure. So, mucho gracias to you, Giorgio and to Ricardo. Thank you so much, You’re wonderful and gracias from my heart to you, Ricardo. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Okay, gracias.

Originally posted February 24, 2014

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